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How To Recover Deleted Files On Mac

Disk Drill

Nothing can be as agonising as the realization that you accidentally deleted some important files from your computer, and they are now not even accessible through the Trash folder. If you’ve ever been in such a situation, you should know that all is not lost. There’s a program out there that lets you recover deleted files on Mac. Disk Drill makes the process of recovering your lost files seem like a cakewalk. It runs thorough scans on your storage media to show you all the deleted files that can be brought back onto your computer with a single click. If you’re stuck in a scenario in which you need to get back the files you accidentally deleted from your Mac, let us take you through this tutorial about how you can do that using Disk Drill.

First, you need to download and install the application. You can rest assured that it will work with all modern versions of Mac OS, and the latest version has been specially designed to work better with Mac OS Catalina, making it one of the best tools for MacOS Catalina. Upon launching the software, you are straightaway greeted with its main interface, which is something we’re quite appreciative of, considering so many apps these days choose to show unnecessary prompts on their homescreens. It populates its interface with all the drives present on your Mac.

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Disk Drill Home

This is where you select the drive from which your files were deleted. Once you’ve determined that, you can click on the Recover button to start the scanning process. Disk Drill will now run a comprehensive scan inside the drive to find out all the deleted files that can be recovered from it. First, to appear are files that are under the Quick Scan banner. These are easy to be recovered and don’t take much time. Then comes the Deep Scan folders, which take a lot of time, but recover files that are hard to get. These files might sometimes have their names missing, which is when the preview functionality of Disk Drill comes into use.

Once the scan is done, a detailed list of all the files that can be recovered appears in front of you. What’s also great is that thumbnail previews are shown as well, so you can identify those files without much trouble. You can then select the ones you want back, choose the folder where you wish to place them and click the Recover button to recover deleted files from emptied trash on Mac. A huge highlight of Disk Drill is that it also supports data recovery from external devices, like your flash drives, digital cameras, and even Android and iOS phones. The method is the same for all these devices.

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Disk Drill Recovery

And there are plenty of other advantages of this Mac recovery software. It lets you create disk images that can be used if your drive is failing, or show you unused files and apps that are unnecessarily hogging up space on your hard drives. There’s even a Duplicate Finder, which points out copies of the same file so you can get rid of them. Additionally, Disk Drill comes with a feature that lets you create bootable flash drives, and plenty more.

Disk Drill is free to download, but this version limits the amount of data you can recover on your Macs. The paid version is hence the best option, and it isn’t expensive either. A lifetime subscription with support for unlimited recovery costs $89, while an enterprise version supporting 10 users at a time will cost you $499.

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