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How To Print Pictures From iPhone

How To Print Pictures From iPhone

If you want to know how to print pictures from iPhone, then you’ve come the right web page. In our detailed guide, we will explain the various methods and procedures you can dabble in when you want to preserve your precious memories on paper. Your handy Apple device has seen you through birthday parties, family picnics and outings with friends. And now it’s time to call upon that same gadget once again for taking printouts of the good times.


AirPrint Software 01

Now if you own an Apple device that’s blessed with version 4.2 or later, then you’ll be able to take complete advantage of the AirPrint wireless printing software. What’s so special about this inclusion? Well, it enables you to print photos, graphics and text wirelessly over Wi-Fi without going through the hassle of installing drivers, using troublesome wires or downloading software. It is fashioned to support a host of printers that range from office laser printers to entry level inkjet printers. So if you have an iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or iPod touch third generation and later, you’ll be able to exploit AirPrint for all your printing needs.

AirPrint Software 02

You’ll need to first connect the printer to your wireless network and stack up loads of paper into the gadget tray. Next, connect to your Wi-Fi network from your iPhone, opt for your desired photo and then hit the icon that looks like an arrow in a box. Once that’s done, simply touch the ‘Print’ option, select the printer in question and finally tap on Print. Now if you’ve carried out the aforesaid steps right, you’ll be able to see your memories smoothly unfurl across paper.

Besides employing this method, you can also print pictures from iPhone by using different types of apps available on iTunes. Most of these applications allow you to take prints of messages and pictures from any type of printer via your local Wi-Fi network. We’ve listed out a few for your convenience.

1 – Print Magic:

Print Magic

Fashioned to work on most Wi-Fi printers, Print Magic enables you to print not only photos but also emails, PDFs and copied texts stored on the iPhone. According to the maker, anything that’s selected and copied by using the cut and paste tool can easily be printed out via the software. This applies to data accommodated even within Safari, Mail and photos section. Through Print Magic, you’ll be able to take print outs of maps before going hiking, that important email from office and even provide copies of the same, all via your iPhone itself. After selecting the information, you simply launch the app and hit the ‘Printer’ icon.

Price: $1.99

2 – HP ePrint Home & Biz:

HP ePrint Home & Biz

Looking out for an app that prints digital content such as web pages, text files, PowerPoint, PDF, Word and Excel? Well, our next entrant in our print pictures from iPhone guide allows you to do just that and more. HP ePrint Home & Biz is compatible with over 200 HP printer models that cover HP ePrint-enabled and legacy network printers.

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Wireless printing across the local network is possible here as the app automatically zeroes in on the printers via Apple’s Bonjour technology. And as far as photos are concerned, you can print copies in 3.5” x 5”, 4” x 6” and 5” x 7” as well as 2.5” x 3.25” wallet size pictures.

Price: Free

3 – Air Photo Wi-Fi Printing:

Air Photo Wi-Fi Printing

Transform your iPhone’s camera roll into clear photos on paper by employing the Air Photo Wi-Fi Printing app. It comes to the forefront packed with some interesting features that help you smoothly acquire picture perfect posters for your family album, living room frame, bedroom wall or purse. The auto-rotation attribute smartly rotates your picture, irrespective of whether you want to print in portrait or landscape mode.

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The inclusion of scaling options allows you to print content minus any unwanted space or edges. It’s further compatible with all printers and Wi-Fi environments, as revealed by the developer of the app.

Price: Free

4 – PhotoPrint LT:

PhotoPrint LT

Want to accommodate many pictures onto one paper itself? Well, then we have just the solution for you. The PhotoPrint LT app allows you to slap together up to 4 photos per page. It even has the ability to select and print many pictures at one go through any AirPrint-ready printer. You can also scale, rotate, mask and set background color to your pictures. Furthermore, you’ll be able to view options such as add photos, page size layout settings, remove photo, send to friends and print directly on your handset. And like some of the other solutions that enable you to print pictures from iPhone, this gem also supports multiple photo sizes like bank card and wallet sizes, among others.

Price: Free

5 – Epson iPrint:

Epson iPrint

From printing Microsoft Office documents like PowerPoint, Excel and Word to other email attachments and stored files, the Epson iPrint app claims to accomplish all this and then some. Even if you have files stored on various online services such as Dropbox, Box and Evernote, you can count on this particular software to print them with ease. There is also an integrated web browser fitted within the application itself for printing your desired web pages. You can toggle between color and monochrome printing as well as opt from different image types and scanning resolutions. It further supports a plethora of Epson printers via your wireless network.

Price: Free


The Apple iPhone is endowed with a decent rear-facing camera and even a front-facing one, as far as the iPhone 4 is concerned. This allows snap-happy owners to take pictures of just about anything. Now through our how to print pictures from iPhone guide, you can even acquire hard copies of the same by conducting just a few, easy steps. Do let us know if our acme choices proved to be useful to you in your hour of need.