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How To Play LAN Video Games

lan gaming Playing video games is fun, but never as fun as playing with your friends. A lot of people love spending weekends playing their favorite video games together. They come to a friend’s home, set up a LAN network, and enjoy seamless gaming with fast internet speeds and no lag.

Play over LAN is probably the best idea for gaming when you want to play with your friends. Sure, you play with friends in other countries over the Internet, but the experience will never be the same. Playing together at the same place is a different experience.

In this article, we’re sharing six steps to setting up your LAN network and enjoying the best LAN games of your choice. Keep reading to see what you should do to have a great LAN gaming experience.

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1. Make sure you’re connected to a LAN network

modem lan ethernet cables A LAN network is technically a network that connects several computers at one location place to a single server. This allows fast transfer of information and no lag. It’s perfect for playing games because all the machines are directly connected and equally fast.

The network needs to be set up properly if you want everything to function without a problem. Connecting all the cables from the LAN ports of the computers to the main LAN router that will create the network is the first thing you need to do.

2. Install software that will provide easy setup and access for all devices

With a little bit of skill and experience, you can set up everything manually. If not, you can install software that will do this for you. There are many software solutions out there like Hamachi that can do this for. Some of them are free, others are paid. It’s up to you to choose what you think the best option will be.

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3. Install a game that allows LAN gaming

League of Legends Not all games support the LAN gaming system. Some of them are made for first-person playing mode, while others are available for what we would call multiplayer mode. Go online and find the best multiplayer games you and your friends would like to play.

There are many PC games available that you don’t have to spend a fortune on. Unlike before, when some of the best multiplayer games were a luxury, it’s simpler to get affordable games these days.

4. Don’t forget to disable the firewall on all computers

Check all the machines before lining them with the network if they have their firewalls disabled. The firewall will see the network connection as an intruder and will try to resolve the issue. A simple firewall disconnect is enough to get things going.

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5. Invite your friends to the party

lan party gaming friends What’s a LAN gaming session without friends? Invite your friends to the party and enjoy your time together. The more, the merrier. You most probably won’t have a dozen computers lying around at home; so they’ll obviously need to bring theirs.

6. Connect enough devices to the network

The first thing to mind has enough computers and machines to connect to the LAN network. Another thing is the LAN server itself.

Usually, LAN servers have up to five ports; but some will have extended ports and provide a better experience for connecting the machines. If you want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves, you must tick off all these things on the list before the gaming sessions start.

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These few points cover the basics that need to be done to have a great LAN gaming night with your friends. You’ll need to get the right equipment, know how to set up the entire thing and find a game that everyone will enjoy that is available for LAN gaming.