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How To Overcome Challenges Of Monitoring Employees Who Work From Home

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Read about the current situation and challenges businesses face when switching to work from home. And if this is a new project for you – we have prepared a few simple steps on how to get started: legal aspects of employee monitoring, monitoring policies, announcement, consent samples – all in this article.

The necessity to Work from Home

Present-day reality —  a majority of businesses are forced to shift their day-to-day (office) operations home. As many companies continue to undergo massive changes in their daily operations, the challenges of maintaining thriving work culture, boosting productivity and accomplishing set goals while working from home are substantial.

Businesses are now searching for ways to operate efficiently as they adapt to working remotely, irrespective of the current situation.

How to Quickly Start Work-from-Home Monitoring

As a Forbes article has already pointed out ’’Working from home can be less stressful and more productive with the right technology.’’

For all employers who are in the process of adjusting to working from home and maintaining productivity while at it; do not stress, there are professionals in the monitoring field who can help make this process as easy and seamless as possible.

An eBook from WorkTime – “Working-from-home Employee Monitoring” has been prepared by a team of employee monitoring experts for all employers who want to implement working-from-home employee monitoring. This eBook provides clear steps on how to start monitoring employees working from home quickly as well as employee monitoring policies, announcements, consent samples.

Working Remotely? What are the Challenges for Employees?

According to a study conducted by the United Nations in 2017, 41% of employees working from home reported high levels of stress. Working from home can be quite a challenge for the employees since the home setting is not quite the same as the office.

This particular setup comes with ample distractions (the temptation to spend less time and energy on work-related tasks could come from home duties, spouse, children, and even social media). Maintaining focus can be difficult when it comes to juggling between home duties and office work.

Setting boundaries and finding a space for work mode can be another challenge as there is often a natural overlap between personal life and work-life when working from home. It takes much self-discipline to block out distractions in such an environment.

Communication may often feel fragmented. For instance, in situations where there is a time difference, this can be a significant challenge. Pressing issues or even simple queries may need to be addressed immediately, and these communication gaps may break down the workflow and stop things from moving smoothly.

How about the Challenges for Employers?

If switching from office work to working from home can be challenging even for an employee with a given set of duties, imagine what the business leaders, owners, and managers are facing?

In the traditional office setting, businesses conduct a lot of activities on a regular basis. Now that the market has changed tremendously, the pressure has forced owners and managers of companies to adjust to the newly created order (Remote work), new demands have been imposed on businesses. New demands mean new tasks.

Amid all these “chaos” company leaders are expected to plan, coordinate and implement new projects. Another thing is making sure that even when employees work from home, they still maintain the same levels of productivity as in the office, and preferably even more because, in tough times, you have to work twice as hard to keep the business running.

Managers must ensure that tasks are allocated to every employee and that they are equipped with all the tools and materials required to carry out the tasks, that projects are completed, and deadlines are met.

Essentially, employers need their workforce to stay productive while working from home. To amp up productivity, they choose to implement employee computer monitoring. And the challenge here is – some are new to this, they have never done it before, but now they have to do it, and this needs to be done quickly.