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How To Organize A Product Exhibition

ojectives An exhibition is one of the best chances to show off a newly developed product. These events create the perfect platform for presenting a business at its best.

During exhibitions, you have a chance to capture clients and leads in a more personal manner. Attendees visit them for their interest in the topic. So, they develop qualified exposure, and even sales, which are more challenging to get by other, less direct, channels.

Let’s take a look at how you can organize the perfect exhibition for your product.

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First Steps Towards Execution

Once you got an idea for your exhibition, you must take your time and plan it with care. Developing an extraordinary event is 80% a meticulous plan.

The first thing to do is to identify your aims and objectives. They will vary depending on your imagined event and products. For example, if you deal in trade, your intentions might be to generate a buzz, create new customers, and raise awareness.

Either way, you need to be crystal clear about your objectives. You use that in all other plans to ensure each decision you make is in line with the idea. Thus, you streamline the process to achieve better overall results.

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Budget and Services

Having established your objectives, it’s time for more detailed planning. It involves several stages.

Determine a Budget

You’ll need to decide the exact amount of money you can spend on the exhibition. This number will depend on your resources and goals. Once you establish the budget, the best way to stick to it is by breaking it down and counting all spending.

Don’t rely too much on statistics at this point – your allocated amount depends on your priorities.

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Choose a Team

You can’t pull off such a big event yourself, so you’ll need to put in careful consideration of who will be a part of your team. Pick trustworthy, reliable members with a vast knowledge of the product.

Plan Stands and Services

Next, decide the type of stand you want to have. Besides, think of other services you may need – storage, transportation, installation, and more.

If you plan on attending more exhibitions in the future, you may go for a modular stand which is reusable and thus saves money.

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Promote the Event

Finally, you need to let people know about your event to reach a big audience. The best way to do so is social media, along with fliers, word-of-mouth, emails, and banners.

Facebook Promotion

Facebook is one of the best places to create a buzz around your event. Create engaging, informative and entertaining posts and make sure they get shared over and over again. Besides, video is an ever-growing marketing tool, which you shouldn’t overlook.

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LinkedIn Promotion

It may seem redundant today, but LinkedIn still has over 300 million active users. Use it to raise awareness about your event within the industry. The same rule applies here – be engaging and entertaining, but keep it professional and informative.

Printed and Digital Signage

It’s easy to feel at a loss to which signage to go for – traditional solutions are tried-and-tested, but digital ones are more and more effective every day.

You’ll have to invest more in digital signage at first, but it’s worth it in the long run. You can use this messaging to reflect future updates, for example. The visibility which comes with this type of advertising is exceptional.

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The Bottom Line

Finally, don’t forget to follow up on the leads generated at the exhibition.

Plan in advance how you’ll contact the leads, what you will say, and how often you will reach out to them. Delegate a person for tackling this task, and you’ll yield the most of the event.

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