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This is how you can check your kid’s iPhone or Android text messages

Once a child reaches a certain age, parenting tends to become quite a hard task for you to manage. It gets worse when you find out that your child could be hanging out with questionable peers, sending or receiving inappropriate images and texts or doing something wrong out of sheer curiosity or inexperience.

That’s where parents decide to draw the line, but learn that as long as their child has a personal phone of their own, ensuring their safety is difficult. But there’s indeed a way out now thanks to an app named TeenSafe which can work with both Android and iOS platforms.

This service claims to have been built ‘by parents for parents,’ and can be taken advantage for not only accessing your child’s text messages, call logs and social media interactions, but also for tracking their locations at any given time. Once it’s setup, you will get all their information on a private login page on the web or even your own smartphone.

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If the child has an Android device, you will just need to enter some of their basic information on your account and accept the application on their phone in order to start tracking their activities. And if they have an iPhone, you will just need their Apple ID and password to get going.

Once the setup process is done, nothing shows up on your child’s phone to let them know that they are being tracked. On this matter, the makers of TeenSafe have said that it’s up to the parents to decide whether or not to reveal this to their children. As for the legality of things, using the service is legal as long as you happen to be the parent or guarding on the minor.


A TeenSafe subscription costs $14.95 a month to a parent, but they can avail of a 7-day free trail through the official website so as to test its features.