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How To Make Terracotta In Minecraft | Ultimate Guide

Learn an easy step-by-step guide on how to make terracotta in Minecraft to decorate and build with, making your structures beautiful, even stunning, and all-in-all much more attractive.

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Want to give your created buildings a touch of excellence without having to resort to modding your Minecraft experience? You need to know how to make terracotta in Minecraft, which is a sort of hardened clay. The material is not only versatile; it also doubles as a great decorative tool, and would make for a fantastic addition to your Minecraft world.

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Why make terracotta?

According to the Wiki page for the hardened clay stuff, terracotta has “a hardness and blast resistance comparable to stone.” That makes it an attractive material to use for building, not to mention that fact that you can color it and even glaze it, creating an even more beautiful material with which to craft opulent structures. With all the positives, and hardly anything going against it, it’s really a no-brainer to know how to craft terracotta in Minecraft and have it in your chest at the ready.

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How To Make Terracotta In Minecraft

The wonderful material is very easy to make. Just like in the real world, terracotta in Minecraft starts out as clay, and so you’ll need a block of clay to make terracotta in the game.

Step 1: Open the furnace menu.

To make terracotta out of clay, you’ll need to use the furnace. So the first step is to open the furnace menu.

Step 2: Add fuel to the furnace.

You will need fuel to fire the clay to turn it into terracotta. With the furnace menu open, add any fuel that you have handy to the bottom cell of the furnace menu (bottom fuel box). You can use coal, wood or any other type of fuel to the furnace.

Step 3: Add the clay to the top cell in the furnace menu.

Then you’ll need to add the grey colored clay block to the furnace (top box). This should complete the furnace requirements and the flames should start to cook the clay to make terracotta.

Step 4: Wait for the furnace to cook the clay.

After the furnace turns on, you’ll have to wait for the arrow to fill up, essentially firing the clay into that marvelous material, terracotta. Terracotta is a brownish substance and has properties that make it a better building material than clay, some argue almost equivalent to stone.

Step 5: Your terracotta is ready!

You’ve done it! You’ve made terracotta. Move the block to your inventory. What you have is uncolored terracotta.

Where To Find Clay And How To Mine It

To get terracotta in Minecraft, you’ll first need to find and mine the material from which it is made: clay blocks. Clay is a light grey block that is mostly found in locations where there is either dirt or sand in addition to water. You will find clay blocks chiefly around shallow bodies of water such as lakes or ponds.

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For the most efficient gathering of clay, make sure that you excavate it using any tool enchanted with Silk Touch. Doing so will earn you the entire clay block. If you don’t have a silk touch-enhanced tool, you can mine clay using any tool or even your hands. This, however, will get you four balls of clay, which you can combine into a clay block. The fastest method to mine clay is to use a shovel.

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How To Dye Terracotta

Terracotta in Minecraft is a wonderfully versatile material because it can be dyed in a variety of colors, and even be glazed to make it stand out (more on that below!). You can have colored terracotta in a range of shades including lime, magenta, pink, cyan, and purple.

The process of dyeing or coloring terracotta is simple enough; all you have to do is use the crafting menu. You’ll need a dye of your choice of color and eight blocks of uncolored terracotta to craft colored or stained terracotta.

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Open the crafting menu and place these ingredients in a 3×3 crafting grid with the dye in the center and the terracotta blocks surrounding it. You should be left with eight colorful pieces of terracotta, which you can use directly for constructing structures or which you can smelt into block masterworks of art.

Note that once you make colored terracotta, you cannot change it back into its raw uncolored form.

How to Make White Terracotta in Minecraft

Beautiful White Terracotta Source

If you want to have one white terracotta in your inventory, all you need is 8 Terracotta and 1 White Dye.

Start by accessing your crafting table – you’ll have the 3×3 grid here. Now place 8 terracotta and 1 White Dye in the following arrangement to craft white terracotta.

– Put 3 Terracotta in all three spaces of the first horizontal row. In the second row of grids, place 1 Terracotta, then 1 White Dye and finally, 1 Terracotta . The third row should repeat the pattern of the first one – all three boxes should have 1 Terracotta.

Once you’ve followed this white terracotta crafting recipe, it will materialize in the box to the right. Don’t forget to move it into your inventory space.

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How To Make Glazed Terracotta In Minecraft

To make glazed terracotta in Minecraft you need to start with with colored terracotta (also called stained terracotta). All you have to do to get glazed terracotta is to place the piece of stained terracotta in the upper space of the furnace with some fuel in the lower space and soon you should have a block of, arguably, the most gorgeous building material in the game.

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Uses Of Terracotta

So now you have your prized possession. But what can you use it for? The uses of the hardened clay material are down to its physical properties and its aesthetic appeal.

1. Strong enough for construction

Because terracotta is a hard material, it is great for building structures, especially large ones.

2. Blast damage protection

A block of terracotta absorbs all the impact of a creeper or TNT explosion, protecting any block placed behind it. The terracotta is itself destroyed in the explosion.

3. Heavy bass tones

Terracotta when placed beneath note blocks gives them a punchier bass sound.

4. Decoration

Glazed terracotta, although not as strong as terracotta, is highly decorative. Its many attractive, colorful patterns make it a great choice for adding adornments to structures, and it is especially pretty when used as flooring.

5. Infinite variety

The amazing thing is that you can mix and match different types of glazed terracotta blocks to imbue your terracotta designs with infinite variation.

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There you have it! — how to make terracotta in Minecraft, where to find its raw material, and what uses you can make of the hard material. Whether you put your raw, uncolored terracotta to good use in construction or use colored terracotta to make your dwelling stand out, you should be well on your way to reinforcing and beautifying the place you call home in the game.