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How To Make Real Money From Online Games

How much money are we talking about?

live-streaming-gaming Most of the online games out there on the internet are for the user’s entertainment and for the company, who created the game, to make money. This was always the initial intent of the creators of most online games.

Sure, there are competitions and tournaments held all the time, in which normal players can compete in teams and win money. For some, it is their full-time career, which clearly shows how well-paying it can be if you can be considered one of the best to play the game you like.

However, this is not the money we are talking about being made from online games. There are hundreds of games available out there on the internet, in which normal people can make a nice profit from using third-party services, who provide these types of opportunities.

In Venezuela, it is becoming an extremely profitable, popular method of building a good income as there is immense poverty in the country. So people are turning to virtual gold for a living. The money made from these online games is greatly dependant on the number of hours you invest into the game. A typical MMO where virtual gold is frequently traded can make you an average of around $0.50 – $5. Perhaps more.

In some of the poorer countries, such as Venezuela, this can turn out to be above a doctor’s salary, which shows you the corruption in most parts of the world. Of course, in a more well-developed area such as the United States, $5 is well below the minimum wage line.

However, there is no age requirement and no qualifications needed to be able to make money from online games as nothing is done officially.

There is nothing in the way of stopping a child from having access to making money like this from such a young age. Some of the most popular games out there, which almost everyone knows about, have this sort of activity going on within the game, run by third-party companies or individuals.


runescape RuneScape and its second version of the game, Old school RuneScape (OSRS) are very well known, respected games within the gaming community. The MMORPG was first released by the company, Jagex, on the 4th of January 2001. It is a fantasy online game in which players can fight monsters, train up to 23 different skills, and socialise with other players in the game.

The currency in the game is virtual gold, which is known as “GP” in the game. The purpose of gold closely imitates the purpose of money in real life, in which players can buy items using it and sell items in exchange for it.

However, another use for OSRS gold for some players is to sell it in exchange for real money through the use of third party services. To paint a picture of an example of the process; there is an activity in the game called the Chambers of Xeric, which consists of a series of rooms and challenges with monsters to kill. It can take usually around an hour to complete one of these and you are rewarded through loot at the end of each one.

One of the items that you have a chance of being rewarded with is called the Twisted bow, which is worth 1.2 billion Old school RuneScape gold, which can be sold for around $600. This shows the serious money being able to be made in online games.

And if you’re looking for an easy way to make money playing online games, then you should try your luck playing RuneScape.


fifa 21 game FIFA is one of the biggest video game series in the world, being released every year. The game made by Electronic Arts (EA) was first released in 1993 and has since been released with an updated game annually. It is a sports game, which imitates the popular sport, football, commonly called soccer by those in the USPlayers can create their teams and match with other players around the world using their custom-made teams.

There is a method to getting players, which is done through opening packs, which can be bought using FIFA coins or FIFA points. Opening packs allow for the player to get a chance of receiving rare, valuable cards that can be used as a part of their custom-made team, making it stronger and better. There is also an in-game market place, where players can sell their cards to other players in exchange for FIFA coins.

Of course, third party services have used this market place to their advantage to allow people to sell coins. An example of how this is done; If a person wanted to sell their gold, the third party would list up a very low-priced card for the same price as the person is trying to sell.

This ensures that no other person will bother buying this card as they will result in a great loss. It also allows people to transfer their coins using this method.

Once again, there is no age requirement or qualifications needed, which means a child has access to this sort of activity.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

Counter Strike: Global Offensive CS GO Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a well-known first-person shooter released by the company Valve on the 21st of August 2012. CS:GO is a game in which two teams engage in a war, where one team’s objective is to plant a bomb and successfully last long enough for the bomb to blow up and the other team’s objective being to counter this and defuse this bomb. Victory can also be achieved by both teams through defeating the entire enemy team.

There are items in the game, which you can buy from the Steam community market called cases, and also purchase the appropriate case key to open it. These cases contain different rarities of skins for the player’s gun, which is purely a cosmetic and has no actual influence on the game play-style.

Some of the rarer skins that can be won from cases can be worth some money. You can sell these skins on the official Steam community market in exchange for Steam’s wallet currency. You can also use them to purchase other games on Steam.

However, many people prefer to make real cash instead, and so once again, third party services exist to allow for this to happen.

Final Thoughts

Overall, money is possible to be made in a lot of games and is typically through third party services as it is not the creators of the game’s intention for this to occur. It truly is a strange time to be alive in our current day and age where someone, who is just about old enough to know how to play games, can make real money from doing so

In contrast to how you can earn money several decades ago, if you wanted to make a very small amount of money, you need to turn to manual labour, such as handing out newspapers to people’s doors or washing neighbours’ cars on your free time.