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How to make browsing on the iPhone 500% faster

If you happen to own an iPhone you should take note of the fact that there’s a method which you can use in order to make it browse the Internet faster. How faster you ask? How does 500% more than the normal browsing speed sound?

This can be done by exploiting the iPhone’s newfound content blocking ability. An app named 1Blocker which can be found right now on the Apple App Store is your best companion in this quest. There are other options like Peace, Crystal and Purify present as well, but so far, we’ve found 1Blocker to be the best among the lot.

There are a number of websites which show ads and use cookies and trackers in order to learn your habits and tailor their content based on them. These are usually responsible for slowing down your devices by quite a big margin.


In order to grab some speed back from them, you can download and install 1Blocker. As explained by Business Insider, you should enter Settings > Safari > Content Blockers and enable 1Blocker. Then you must enter the app itself in order to set the parameters for blocking web content.

Using the free version of this app, you can only enable one block, but paying $2.99 allows you to have multiple blocks. It is now that you’ll start experiencing a sudden increase in your browsing speed on the Safari browser.

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There you have it! The neat trick to making your iPhone’s web browsing speed up to 500% faster than it is. All with the help of 1Blocker, which can be grabbed now through the App Store for free (in-app purchase needed for full use).