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How to Join the Bitcoin Revolution Via Your Smartphone

bitcoin If you’re eager to enter the world of Bitcoin, you don’t have far to go. Just pick up your smartphone. There are a number of apps available for Android and iOS to enable you to buy, earn, manage, and trade your cryptocurrency with ease.

Even if you don’t know what Bitcoin is, you would’ve heard the term. It’s a type of digital currency which was created in 2009 by a person or group of geniuses who envisaged a safe, secure online worldwide payment system for the connected age. As the first decentralized form of digital money, Bitcoin takes the banks out of the equation, and is used by millions of users all over the world.

Now an increasingly popular money distribution and investment platform, Bitcoin has entered the mainstream consciousness as a result of retailers such as Overstock accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, alongside the likes of Microsoft and Expedia recognising the cryptocurrency for video game purchases and hotel bookings respectively.

You can order your space flight with Virgin Galactic, browse and buy electronics through Newegg.com, use the cryptocurrency through eGifter to access popular retailers like Amazon, Sephora and Home Depot, or bet with bitcoin for enhanced security on online casinos.

So, if you want to get started with Bitcoin there are a few “must have” apps to help build your portfolio. One of the most popular cryptocurrency apps out there is Bitcoin Checker, a reliable and free cryptocurrency price index that’s easy to use and features a simplistic UI. Bitcoin Ticker is also a great way for tracking Bitcoin prices and can be set to convert currency into the country of your choosing.

bitcoin You’ll also want something like Blockfolio, an app for keeping track of your cryptocurrency holdings manually. Lawnmower, with its clean interface, will give you market analysis to help navigate your trading activity. It features up to date news and the capacity to enable you to invest fixed amounts at regular intervals.

ICO App is another good addition if you’re serious about Bitcoin investment. It offers detailed listings of “initial coin offerings” – the “token sale” when the process of crowdfunding a new cryptocurrency project takes place. The app’s alert feature is essential in ensuring you’re ahead of the game

While you’re waiting for your investments to take-off you can earn Bitcoin with Earn, an app that pays you for tasks such as answering messages. You’ll need to become a genuine influencer to earn anything of note but it’s worth a go. You can also earn with Bitcoin Miner, an Android app that gives cryptocurrency to users who allow advertisements to be displayed on their phone.

The increasing popularity of Bitcoin has seen the rise in user-friendly apps for Android and iOS smartphones that enable everyone from the beginner to the expert to buy, trade, earn and manage their digital currency portfolio.

It’s a cryptocurrency that no longer lingers on the dark web, instead leading the way towards a relevant mainstream alternative to traditional currency in the digital age.