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How To Install Windows 8 From USB Stick

Install Windows 8 CP USB

For today’s agenda, we’re creating a complete guide on how to install windows 8 from USB stick. The entire process is pretty much simple. And all you need is a USB drive a copy of Windows 8 Consumer Preview and a little patience. We recommend you make a backup of important files and folder on an external drive, just in case things don’t go as planned.

1. Requirements –

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If you computer runs Windows 7 smoothly without any sort of problem, the Consumer Preview should work the same as the base requirements are still the same as the former. However, for older systems here’s what you’d basically need. A processor clocked at 1GHz or faster and 1GB of RAM for the 32-bit version or 2GB for the 64-bit variant as well as 16GB or 20GB of free storage for the 32- and 64-bit editions respectively. For decent Aero effects, you’d require Microsoft DirectX 9 compatible graphics or higher. Most integrated Intel board GPUs are said to be supported. Unless your system houses a recent version of the Intel Core processor family or an AMD APU, we recommend you get a dedicated gfx card for best visual experiences.

2. The procedure –

i. Getting the Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO:

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To install Windows 8 from USB stick, we’re first going to need the ISO file from Microsoft. You can find it on the windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows-8/iso website or search for Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO on Google. It’s usually the first link on the results page.

Once there, a list of ISO images will be displayed with corresponding links to specific versions like language and 32- or 64-bit.

Windows 8 CP ISO

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Pick the appropriate image according to your preference and hit the download button. Also make a note of the product key specified.

ii. Getting the Windows 7 USB Download tool:

You might wonder why download the Windows 7 USB tool? Well, Microsoft hasn’t made available any software specifically to install Windows 8 from USB stick. However, the application is question does a pretty good job at just that and it’s extremely intuitive to use.

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1. Now that we’ve got the ISO image ready, all we need is the USB tool to get started. Head to Google and type ‘Windows 7 USB Download tool’ into the blank text field and hit on search.

2. You should see a link to the Microsoft store positioned first on the results page. Click on it and head to the ‘Installation’ section of the site where you can find the download link to the tool. If you haven’t noticed, it’s hyperlinked with the application’s name and an orange text.

Windows 7 USB Tool Download

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3. Before we move on, you’ll also the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 as well as the Image Mastering API v2, if you’re using Windows XP. Both applications can be grabbed through the very same page from the ‘For Windows XP Users’ section just below the system requirements.

Windows 7 USB Additional Tools

4. First download and install the aforementioned applications and then the USB tool for Windows 7.

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5. The entire process could take a bit of time based on how up-to-date your PC is. To successfully install all 3 tools, following each step in the setup dialogs precisely.

iii. Preparing the USB drive:

1. To install Windows 8 from USB stick, run the tool you just installed. A shortcut should be placed on your desktop.

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2. Once the application is open, it’ll ask you to choose an ISO file. Hit browse, locate the image and click on the open button from the lower-right corner of the window. To continue, click ‘Next.’

Windows 8 ISO Selection

3. Now, the app will provide two options – USB and DVD. We’re going to go with the first selection.

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4. The next page brings up the USB selection process. Once you’ve inserted the drive, select it from the drop-down menu and hit on ‘Begin copying.’ The process should complete in a span of 5 minutes max.

Note: the tool might format the drive, so accept all prompts as they appear.

iv. Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview:

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1. Now that the USB drive is set up, restart you computer and boot into the BIOS interface. We might need to tweak it a bit.

2. Once there navigate to the Boot tab and make sure you options like ‘Boot to Removable drive,’ ‘USB Boot’ and ‘Boot USB Devices First’ are all set to enabled.

USB BIOS Settings

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Note: The BIOS interface varies based on motherboard make and model. Refer to user guide for more details.

3. Once all changes are made, save the settings and exit the interface. Also, plug in the USB drive.

4. If everything was done right, the Windows setup should automatically initiate on identifying the USB stick. The process from here on is a no-brainer.

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5. The first page will ask you for Language and other options. Carry out the modification as preferred and click on ‘Install Now.’

Windows 8 Installation

6. After entering the product key (the one we told you to note down earlier) and hitting next, select custom Install as we’re going to do a fresh Windows install.

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Windows 8 Custom Install

7. From the drive selection page, click the partition you want to install Windows in. Also, it’s recommended that you format the drive before continuing.

Windows 8 Drive Selection

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8. The process here on is pretty simple – the setup will start copying all necessary file and restart on completion.

Note: Remove USB drive immediately after restart to avoid booting into setup again.

9. Now, let Windows do its thing. So sit back and relax. Further settings include desired PC name, background color selection for Metro UI and other customizations. You should be able to configure these on your own.

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10. The final step involves creating an account or signing in with an existing Microsoft ID. You can skip this and create a local username to log into Windows.

And that’s pretty much it. If you’ve got any prior version of Windows installed, you should see a pretty cool boot manager each time you start up your computer.

Windows 8 Boot Manager

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So wasn’t our guide on how to install Windows 8 from USB stick intuitive or what? Do leave a feedback on how things went. Also, let us know what you think of the latest Windows OS.