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How To Find The Best Web Development Company For Your Business

web development Whether you’re looking to completely revamp your brand’s website, build a site from scratch, or just make a few back-end tweaks, hiring a web development company should be a no-brainer. The problem though is that the market is completely saturated with development agencies, freelancers, and fly-by-night firms.

How can you possibly wade through all of the options to find the best development company for your business’s particular needs? The answer isn’t as simple as one would hope. Obviously, one of the first priorities should be looking for web development companies with great reviews. But how do you determine which company is good, and which is bad?

Below we’ve provided an overview of exactly how to go about finding the best web development company for your business. We cover everything from cost, skills, and experience level to location, portfolios, and more.

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Know Exactly What Your Project Requirements Are

Knowing exactly what you need to be designed and built will save both you and the development agency a lot of time down the road. You’d be surprised at how many people hire a development agency thinking that the agency is going to be responsible for every single aspect of whatever design project they have in mind.

There’s nothing worse in business than having vague goals, and the same is true when it comes to working with a web development company. In order to be satisfied with the work the agency delivers, you need to be able to communicate exactly what you want to the developer.

Are you making a website? What about an app? SaaS? These all have wildly different requirements and standards. Even going from an eCommerce site to a standard business site has some major differences. The point here is to have a very solid idea of what you need done (and know how to communicate that to the developer).

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Take a Look at the Agency’s Past/Current Work

One of the very best ways to gauge the competence of a development firm is by reviewing their own website. Does it have an aesthetic appeal? Is it functional? Is it basic or flashy? Viewing a design or development firm’s own website is an excellent way to judge their level of development expertise.

Another great way to see if a development firm would be a good fit for your company is by taking a look at other websites they’ve built (for other clients). Have they done any work similar to what you want to be done? Are the sites modern? Outdated? Do they flow well?

Asking these types of questions during your search will help narrow your selection down to only the best web development companies. After all, if you’re looking to expand your web presence, there’s no sense in hiring a lackluster development company.

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Questions to Ask Potential Development Agencies

The following are some of the most important questions that you should be asking any potential development agencies. If their answer doesn’t align with what’s outlined, it might be best to look for other options.

How many websites has your agency done for businesses operating in this industry/niche?

Choosing a company that has experience in your industry is a solid option to consider. Agencies that have experience in your industry know exactly how to build websites/apps that your user base would enjoy.

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Does your agency place an emphasis on UX?

UX, otherwise referred to as user experience, is one of the most important facets of any website or app. If the user doesn’t have a good experience, they’re far less likely to return. Any decent development company is going to place the UX of an app/website as one of their top priorities.

Is there a general outline for how the project would go (i.e. timeline)?

Most development agencies will be happy to provide you with a general estimate of how long a project will take.

Does your agency provide updates/editing services?

Most web development agencies charge for future edits/updates. However, any quality firm will also provide a certain level of training before giving you the reigns of your new website/app (which might mitigate the need for future work).

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Does your agency offer digital marketing services?

Some development agencies also provide basic (or even advanced) digital marketing services (e.g. social media marketing, content creation, SEO, etc.). This question is definitely worth asking, however just like with everything else we’ve touched upon, it’s important to ask about their experience/history within the digital marketing space.