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How To Extract Emails From LinkedIn? Practical Guide

You may want to extract emails from LinkedIn for several reasons: 1. You’re a sales rep looking for ways to get in contact with some very important decision maker, 2. You’re a headhunter trying to hook in a potentially perfect candidate for your job offer, 3. You need to obtain that email for your personal, not business-related purposes. The list goes on.

In any case, having the ability to access anyone’s relevant email is priceless. But is this really possible? Spoiler: Yes. It is totally possible to fish up any email you want. Read on to find out how to do that step-by-step.

How to Find Someone’s Email on LinkedIn: Install an extension

There are some Chrome extensions that allow you to obtain anybody’s email addresses while surfing their LinkedIn profiles (without them knowing). The tools will let you access the contact data you need right in the LinkedIn interface.

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Here are some of them:

  • Closely Surfer
  • Lusha
  • GetProspect
  • Snov.io

All these extensions can be easily installed from Google Chrome Store. They require you to buy credits in order to open one record of contact data, which may include email addresses and telephone numbers.


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What happens when you open contact data? You have the option to copy it and transfer it to any place you like, for instance, to the email recipient field in your Gmail.

This method is perfect if you need to text some people from time to time and if you do manual email outreach.

How to Find Someone’s Email on LinkedIn: Download Emails in Bulk Using Data Enrichment Tools

The ability to find and save emails in bulk is a sought-after option of sales reps. If you have a list with LinkedIn profiles (for example, in a CSV file), then it takes nothing to go to a data enrichment tool, upload your file and get back the list with emails.

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Here is a step-by-step guide to doing this.

  • Perform your LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search using filters
  • Use any data extractor, for instance, Closely surfer


Define the number of people you want to download and hit “Export CSV”. Your file will be saved on the computer.

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  • Go to any data enrichment tool and upload your CSV file with LinkedIn profile URLs.

The tool should show you how many emails it has managed to extract from your file with LinkedIn URLs.


Then you can save the results in your custom list and download this list as a CSV file.

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The tool will separate work emails from the direct ones so you can erase all the direct emails from your file. It’s done if you want to reach out to people with some business offer and don’t want your email to arrive in their personal emails.


  • Validate your list

Some of the data enrichment tools let you validate your emails right away. It’s done to ensure that the emails you’ve got are all relevant (ready to receive emails). Data cleaning lets you maintain a high open rate, which directly affects your email sender reputation.

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Usually, you’ll be able to run email verification right in the tool of your choice.

It will give you back the cleaned file, in which there will be indicators of which emails are functioning and which ones are obsolete.

This method of finding emails, as we already outlined, is perfect for sales specialists as it allows you to turn a list with LinkedIn URLs into a list with emails and complete your outreach tasks.

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How to Find Someone’s Email on LinkedIn: Find Emails in Email Finders

If you have someone’s LinkedIn profile, then you know this person’s name, surname and company name. You can turn to a simple email finder tool in this case (especially if you’ve already paid for it).

Here are some of the tools you may consider using to find people’s emails:

  • Lusha
  • Closelyhq.com
  • Snov.io
  • RocketReach
  • FindThatLead
  • Apollo

All of them differ in the number of features offered and in price.

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If you know your lead’s company name, just apply the respective filters and pull out the emails.


Then you can save the results of your search in a list and download in a CSV file to kick off your email campaign.

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You can scroll down and find that very email of the person you were looking for if you’re, for example, interested in sending them details of your job offer.

In this case, it’s better to reach out to their direct (personal) emails. Email finders will indicate which email is work and which one is direct — this info will be displayed in your CSV file.

By incorporating an email finder, you may consider eliminating LinkedIn at all as an intermediary. You can directly find the email and phone number of anybody you want by just applying needed filters in an email finder.

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In this article, we’ve listed the most common ways of finding someone’s email if you know their LinkedIn profile. The need to get an email from LinkedIn can arise in many scenarios: salespeople need them to do prospecting, head hunters — to contact job candidates.

If you’re looking for an email of a particular person, you can install a Chrome extension that will scrape data for you. Most popular options for this are Closely Surfer, Lusha and GetProspect. In case you need to reach out to people in bulk (for example, for prospecting), there is an option to use data enrichment tools. In this case, you’ll have to use 1) data scraper (like Closely Surfer) to be able to download LinkedIn and Sales Navigator search results in bulk 2) data enrichment tools like LeadRocks — to enrich your CSV file with LinkedIn URLs.

The most convenient option, in our opinion, though, is to eliminate LinkedIn at all and use a simple email finder to find anybody’s email. You’ll only need to know a person’s company name and job title. For salespeople, email finders are a very valuable asset.

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Oh! You can also have just one tool at your disposal that will do everything for you – both data scraping and bulk email finding. For example, Closely and Lusha are email finders but they also offer LinkedIn data scrapers (Chrome extensions). You can pay for such a tool (you’ll be charged a certain amount per month for its usage) and take advantage of all their functionalities — both the emails finder feature and LinkedIn data scraping.