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How To Establish Your Own Style And Voice On Instagram

Facebook Instagram Reels Today, social media is where people and brands come to be seen and heard. It’s where you can create your own community, craft a unique voice and an identity that’s unmistakably your own.

A quick look at other brands will give you an easier explanation. For example, some fast-food brands opt for a sassy and sharp-tongued tone of voice. Other brands like jewellery brands opt for a more refined and elegant voice.

All these top brands focus on one key feature which is consistency. And this online consistency can only be achieved through a strong social media style guide.

As you increase your following, this guide will help you keep everything cohesive, allowing people to easily identify you.

It also helps keep everyone on the same page. Mistakes do happen among all social team members.

A style guide will go a long way in preventing slip-ups and ensure there is no confusion. Create your own style guide with the following tips.

Make use of trends

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Instagram Reels

Reels, Instagram’s take on TikTok is easily the hottest trend around now. They are everywhere. The app has even been redesigned to make it easier to find Reels.

Reels allow brands and creators to unleash their creativity. With only a few seconds per video, you have the chance to create fun, quick, and engaging videos.

Interactive content

Similar to Instagram Live, Instagram offers other channels for creating interactive content. Marketers and brands are continuously experimenting and coming up with content that draws in interactions and boosts audience engagement.

Instagram Stories come to mind. The channel is excellent for creating and sharing content that gets your audience to participate.

On the other hand, Instagram Live allows for two-way conversations with your audience. Your followers can comment and ask questions that you, the host, can respond to immediately.

Of course, regardless of the channels you use, they have to stick to your brand’s tone of voice and theme.

Have a consistent theme

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Pastel-themed feeds are all the rage right now. It’s easy to understand its popularity.

Pastel themes are bright and instantly brighten the audience’s feed too.

Bold, vibrant themes

A bold and eye-catching feed is easily the best way to demand attention from your visitors. It gives your brand a youthful and cheery look.


Although still a rarity, monochrome feeds are gradually growing in popularity. Such feeds are perfect for a company that wants to emphasise its classic personality.

Use hashtags the right way

Choosing the right hashtags makes all the difference. If hashtags are too generic, they will be lost among millions of other posts.

A better way would be to use a mix of trending and brand-specific hashtags.

Put some research into every hashtag. Find out what type of content is available under that hashtag.

Also, look at the number of average likes on the top posts. If the engagement is high and your content is related to the hashtag, go ahead.

Improve the quality of images

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Today, there is no excuse to post poorly lit, blurry images anymore.

Adding new forms of content and improving the quality of your existing images are key to seeing good engagement and results. Improved smartphone cameras make it easy to instantly shoot and share professional photos and videos.

It can sound intimidating, but an Instagram profile is no different from running a business. It is a channel that will constantly grow and evolve.

Along this journey, social media managers need to ensure that deep connections are built with the audience. By following the above tips and building on those, you will be on the right path to maximising your potential!