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How To Download Videos From Instagram And Successfully Reuse Them 

instagram page Now social media managers and content creators can successfully run an Instagram profile even if they don’t shoot content themselves. As you know, video content, especially Instagram Reels, is gaining a huge amount of reaction and engagement from users. The good news is that filming on your own phone, looking for Instagrammable locations is no longer necessary when you know how to repurpose clips. With the help of special tools, you can download Instagram video from any public profile.

Also, don’t forget that on Pinterest it’s simple to discover video content ideas and save clips as well. Many people think that this site was created only for images, but this is no longer the case. Then, with the help of simple video editors such as Movavi, for instance, it’s easy to combine several clips and create one with added value and appeal for your followers.

Next, we will show you a free and simple method to save content from accounts of other users – bloggers, photographers or video operators. Do not forget that just mindlessly taking other people’s materials won’t be effective. When users add value or somehow rework content, Instagram will show it in the Explore section.

How to download videos from Instagram posted by others

browsing instagram on iphone When you open the application, it’s clear that there is no such function to download content from someone’s or your own feed. For example, on TikTok you can easily download a clip of some user, but Instagram does not allow you to do this by default. Therefore, you will need third-part services to help you out. There are a lot of them and most work according to a similar scheme. With the help of a dedicated downloader, you can save content in high quality. How do they work?

  • Log in to the social network and open the post or video that you want to download.
  • Next, you need to copy the link. You can do this directly from the app with any post.
  • Insert this URL into a tool’s search bar. When it finds the material,  there will be a download button.
  • After downloading, the video will appear on your device (on a phone / computer) in the quality it was uploaded to IG.

Keep on reading to find out ways to apply clips materials further.

How can you reuse saved clips?

Facebook Instagram Reels

Feed posts 

The easiest way to diversify your Instagram feed is to download a scenic clip and re-use. It is not prohibited. However, you must indicate the source and the author who created the material originally. There might be other copyright issues regarding to usage of the downloaded content, make sure to check with the content owner about its reusability.

Create reels

When you open Instagram Explore, you probably notice that many Reels are presented there. Hence, with the help of this content you have a great chance of getting into the recommendations section.

You can download multiple videos or one video. Then you can combine these videos into a single clip right in the editor on Instagram, add captions and upload to your account.

Post in Stories

You can simple share the downloaded video in Stories. When doing this, do not forget that the format of polls or quizzes on Instagram is highly engaging. Try to browse and save eye-popping videos and add stickers with options to choose. Thanks to this trick, users will spend more time with your content, which will improve the performance of the algorithm.

Use aside Instagram

You can use Instagram clips and beautiful videos for other platforms. For example, you may need an Instagram clip in order to embed it into a YouTube video. You can also use a video or a selection of videos for creative TikTok.

Therefore, by utilizing one of online and free services to save clips from this social network, you will expand your audience and engagement across various channels.