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How to download Android apps

For folks trying to figure out how to download Android apps, our walk-through can show you some legit and safe methods. In order to simplify the process, we’ve laid down a detailed guide optimized especially for new and first time smartphone as well as tablet users. Besides the built-in Google Play app, you can remotely install applications on your Android gadget by accessing the Play store via the web or through third-party hubs. So read on for step-by-step procedures that will help you with the task of installing applications on your Android device.

How To Download Android Apps

Getting started:

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Before you decide to download apps to your Google-certified device, you will have to keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, access to the internet is a pre-requisite to set up a connection with Google Play. Now before we begin, the app store’s smooth functioning needs to be ensured. This generally requires you to enable Background Data. In most devices, Background Data can be activated via the Account & Sync option in Settings, while for others, it should be accessible through the Delivery folder in Battery Data Manager from the Settings menu. You can choose to disable this feature to stop applications from hogging up your battery once you’re done.

Another necessity is a Gmail account in order to log into the Play store. As soon as you hit on the application icon for launching the app store, you will be prompted to punch in your email ID, that’s if you haven’t already synced your Android gadget with the account in question. You can either choose to go along with an existing ID or create a new one by following the on-screen instructions. Besides this, you will have to set up Google Wallet on your Google account for acquiring paid apps. After the aforementioned steps are carried out, your device will be ready to download Android apps from the Play store.

1 – Installing applications through the Android device:

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Installing Apps From Device

The very basic method for downloading apps onto your phone or tablet is by simply installing them through the Play store. Once you’ve set up your phone with the help of the aforementioned instructions, follow the steps laid down below and you’ll be good to go.

i. The moment you click on the icon for the Play store, you will be greeted with a number of options such as Categories, Featured, Top Free, Top Grossing, Trending and more.

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ii. You can select one of these options to browse through the listed apps or tap on search that is denoted by a magnifying glass to locate any particular application you might have in mind.

iii. As soon as you choose the application you wish to install, you will be redirected to a dedicated page that lets you in on its description, reviews and various other details.

– For free application:

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To save the app on your device, simply tap ‘Install’ and then the ‘Accept & Download’ button on the next page. Doing so will automatically start the download process. The application will be installed and on completion, it can be accessed from your App Drawer.

– For paid application:

Paid applications will have a tab that displays the price of the app instead of the install button. And as soon as you tap on it, you will be given the choice to continue with the transaction. If it’s the first time you are purchasing an application from the Play store, you will be prompted to sign into your Google Wallet account. So a payment method and then select ‘Accept & Buy’ to download and install the app on your device.

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2. Installing applications through the web:

Installing Apps From Web

In addition to installing applications directly from your device, you can opt to download Android apps to your smartphone or tablet remotely, through the web. Needless to say, you need an internet connection on your computer as well as the handheld gadget for this process.

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To begin, navigate to play.google.com and sign in with the same email ID you use to log into the Play store through your phone.

– For free Apps:

i. After selecting the app, click Install and pick the device on which you want to download the app via the drop-down menu.

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ii. You can simply click Cancel if you happen to change your mind. If not, hit Install again to continue.

– For paid apps:

i. The procedure here is simple as well. First click Buy. Then select your device from the drop down menu and click Continue.

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ii. You will be prompted to set up your Google Wallet account if you haven’t already done that. Another drop-down menu will let you select the desired method of payment.

iii. The last step here is to click on ‘complete your purchase’ and that will seal the deal.

Both free and paid applications will be downloaded to the Android device only if it has a data connection or access to Wi-Fi. Also, you must be logged into the same account on both the web and mobile versions of the Play store.

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Some other app stores:

For those of you who happen to use an Android device that’s not certified for access to the Google Play store, you can resort to third-party alternatives like GetJar and AppBrain to download Android apps. Your choices aren’t limited to these as you can even install applications meant for the Android platform through the Amazon App store, which is easily downloadable from the official website.

A lot of mobile manufacturers have also introduced their own app stores which usually come pre-loaded on phones and tablets. While LG boasts of LG SmartWorld, Samsung devices can take advantage of Samsung Apps. MotoLounge for Motorola is the way to go for getting access to a plethora of applications without any help from the official store. Likewise, other major companies such as HTC and Lenovo have also brought in app stores for their devices.

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We are pretty sure that by now you have a fair idea about how to download Android apps. And if you look back, you’ll realize it is a simple procedure which is not likely to take much of your time. So why not try it out for yourself? And do let us know if our guide has been of any help to you.

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