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How To Download And Use ACMarket AppStore On Android Pie

acmarket-app8-copy_framed Android users have never been able to use Cydia on their devices and, although it is a more open platform in terms of app usage, the only way to get most modified content onto an Android device was to root it. That, like jailbreaking, leaves the device unsafe and open to all sorts of problems, but now there is an alternate way – it’s called ACMarket.

What is ACMarket?

ACMarket is a kind of app store, competition for the official Android Playstore but with a couple of differences. First off, everything in ACMarket is completely free to download and use, even the modified Android apps, and second, most of what is in the installer has been modified and would never be allowed into the app store in the first place.

Some of the apps have extra features added to make them work in the way they should have done in the first place while others have had all their in-app features unlocked for free. Now, there will always be concern over the safety of third-party apps, but in this case, we can reassure you that ACMarket is safe to use. The only proviso we would add is that you use anti-virus software on your device – while the developers do everything they can to ensure that all the apps are safe, on occasion one may slip through the net.

ACMarket Features:


ACMarket is the only app installer that provides a real alternative to the official Android app store, and it provides users with several cool features:

  • It is free
  • No rooting required
  • User-friendly app
  • Thousands of apps, games and other content free to download
  • In-app customization by way of several built-in themes
  • Many more features

Because there is so much content, when you open ACMarket, you will find four main categories:

  • App Store Apps – lots of Android apps from the play store
  • Exclusive Apps – unofficial content that you won’t find in the official app store
  • Modified Games – official games with great new features and in-app purchases and upgrades unlocked from the start
  • Tweaked Apps – official apps developed with the features they should have had right from the start; includes apps like YouTube++, Snapchat++ and Instagram++

How to Download ACMarket:

Downloading ACMarket is really quite simple but, because it is an app store of sorts, and because it is unofficial you won’t find it in the Android app store. Instead, you will need to download the ACMarket APK file onto your device:

  1. The first step is to allow the download of unofficial content on your Android Pie device – if you don’t do this, you can’t use ACMarket. Open your Settings app
  2. Under Security, find Unknown Sources and enable it to allow the app to download
  3. Once done, download ACMarket APK file onto your device
  4. Look in Downloads, find the file and double-tap it
  5. Wait for the installation to complete, and ACMarket is yours to use

How to Use ACMarket:


It really couldn’t be any easier to use ACMarket

  1. Tap the icon on your Android 9.0 home screen to open the app installer
  2. Tap on any one of the categories
  3. Now you can look through the list, or you can use the search bar to find whatever app or game you want
  4. Tap it, tap Install, and let the installation proceed.

Fixing ACMarket Installation Errors:

There may be some of you who face installation errors with ACMarket, but these are easy enough to fix

App Not Installed:

If ACMarket doesn’t install, there is likely a very simple reason for it. The first step is to check that you did enable Unknown Sources on your Android Pie device – if not, do it and reinstall the app. If that is all OK, try clearing the Package Installer Cache and Data:

  1. Open Android 9.0 settings and tap on Apps ( it may say Manage Apps )
  2. Under the System section, tap on the Package Installer option
  3. Tap on Clear Cache and then on Clear Data in turn
  4. The error should now be fixed.

Note – if you use Marshmallow 6 on your Android device, both those options can be found under Storage instead.

ACMarket Stopped Working:

If ACMarket stops working, there are a couple of things you can try. First off, check that Unknown Sources is enabled. If it is, follow the steps above to clear the package installer data and cache. If it still doesn’t work after that, you will need to reset the app preferences:

  1. Open your Settings app and tap on Apps ( App Manager )
  2. Tap on the All Apps menu
  3. Tap on Reset App Preferences
  4. Tap Reset Now on the popup message
  5. Close Settings and try the app again – it should work properly now

ACMarket is the only real alternative to the Android app store and will benefit users of all ages and preferences. It is a much safer way of installing modified apps and games than device rooting and costs nothing to try. It is a fantastic opportunity and could become the app store of choice for millions of Android users.