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How To Delete iPad Apps

How To Delete iPad Apps

How to delete iPad apps, you may wonder? Well, you don’t need to be an Einstein to remove all those unwanted software options that are sitting pretty in your Apple tablet. For your convenience, we have prepared a little tutorial which provides you with step-by-step instructions that definitely won’t harm your precious slab. So without further ado, crack those knuckles, arm yourself with the iPad and read on.


Before proceeding, we would like to reassert the fact that the app cancellation process is extremely easy to perform. All it takes is just a few minutes of your time and you’ll rid yourself of any unwanted applications that are simply taking up space in your slate. The iPad comes integrated with a trio of storage options namely, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Irrespective of the memory option you’ve chosen, we’re sure you believe in the concept of ‘more the merrier.’ One can never get enough of storage space especially when it comes to hoarding loads of goodies. And if the Apple service is never short of entertainment choices, why retain any idle apps that are lying dormant in your device?

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1) Well, first things first. After powering up your iPad, open to the clear homescreen, where you’ll find all your purchased and free apps residing ever so quietly.

2) What you need to do now is simply touch and hold down on the mini application icon you wish to delete. You would require to keep your finger affixed on the same for just a few seconds until you see all the icons on the interface jump to life and do a little jig. Subsequently, you’ll notice that the particular software you wished to delete also starts wiggling like the rest.

3) Once you see them jiggle about, you know that you’re on the right path and the first few steps on how you can delete iPad apps have been successfully executed. Now, the desired icon will feature a little black and white ‘X’ mark encased in a circle which is situated on the left-hand side corner of the app.

4) On touching the ‘X’ mark, a pop-up screen will emerge, asking you whether you would want to delete the application or opt for the cancel button.

5) Once you’ve hit the delete option, you’ll find that the icon along with the rest of its data has vanished from the display. The void space is then filled by the automatic repositioning of the other apps.

If you’ve performed the aforesaid steps correctly and the app is no longer present, then a hearty ‘congratulations’ is in order, as you’ve now successfully deleted the unwanted application. But now, what about the same app that’s in your iTunes on your PC, laptop or Mac? The digital counterpart must also be dealt with otherwise the app would re-enter your iPad when you sync the tablet with the computer. To avoid such as situation, all you have to do is deselect the software that’s sitting pretty in the ‘Sync Applications’ list on iTunes. If you wish to reinstall the same at a later date, all you need to do is go to the Apple App Store and opt for it once again. It will install as a brand new app on your tablet.

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How to delete ‘Waiting’ apps:

In our guide on ways to delete iPad apps, we will also show you how to do away with applications that are simply frozen or ‘stuck,’ something which might have occurred during the installation process. This type of software will sport an icon that has a ‘waiting’ tag attached to it. If you try and repeat the aforementioned procedure which involved long-pressing the icon, it won’t really work in a situation like this. Instead, to eliminate the same, you must simply restart or reboot your slab.


This procedure comes in extremely handy especially when you’ve been on a downloading spree and acquired a whole lot of applications from the store. We know that the ‘free’ price tags attached to games and other apps are quite tempting. For one, you get to try a demonstration of sorts before actually downloading the complete version. Some applications are keepers even after you’ve exploited them to the fullest. On the other hand, there are many that have overstayed their welcome and slowly lose their sheen. These are the ones that you want to get rid of in order to make way for new, exciting apps. And with a little help from us, you wouldn’t have to be perplexed on the task of how you could delete iPad apps.


Although the procedure is easy as pie, there are a few minor drawbacks. Whenever you want to install an application through the App Store, you are always prompted to insert your username and password. However, when deleting the software and its icons, the device doesn’t put forth any such prompt screens. This leaves your apps vulnerable, as just about anyone can access your iPad and get rid of a few favorites in no time. Even children can accidentally erase an app or two while fiddling around with their parent’s iPad.

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The Final Word:

This tutorial that teaches you how to delete iPad apps should allow you to easily cut out the unwanted ones without facing any hassles. No need to open the app itself and dabble with the innards in any way. And if you accidentally long-press an icon which was actually meant to open instead of delete and see all the apps wiggle, simply hit the Home button and everything will be back to normal in a jiffy. Do give our method a go and drop in your verdict.