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How To Delete A Hotmail Account

Delete Hotmail Account

So you want to know how to delete a Hotmail account? Don’t worry, we will carefully guide you through each step. The good news here is that it’s not a lengthy process at all. In fact it can be carried out with just a few simple mouse clicks. However, you would need to be absolutely sure whether you really want to delete your account and risk losing vital data. Well, if you’ve given it a second thought and decided against the act, keep on enjoying your social interaction via Hotmail. But if you’re sure about going ahead with the deletion process, then we suggest you read on.


The whole modus operandi is a foolproof method for deleting your Hotmail account. For one, it only allows the owner to do the needful. Firstly, you have to sign into your account as you generally would, by using your specific username and password. And even if an imposter gets through this first level, the final confirmation screen also requires you to punch in your password. If all else fails and you find yourself without a Hotmail account which has been deleted by a mischief maker, don’t lose faith. You can still get your account back. We shall explain that bit a little later on in our article.


Delete Hotmail Account 2

Go straight to your Hotmail homepage and enter your essential login details namely, username and password. Once that is done, hit the ‘sign in’ button which will then take you to your account home. Now on the far right of the screen, you’ll see your username, online status cube and below that, your ‘profile’ and ‘sign out’ links. After you spot these icons, simply hover the cursor over your username to reveal 4 separate sections in the dropdown box. Well, ignore the first 3 categories and concentrate on the last one. This concluding section should feature Privacy Settings, Account and Options. To get one step closer to your end goal, opt for Account.

You will then be taken to your Account Overview, where you’ll be able to see various information bits pertaining to your Hotmail account. You may have to insert your password yet again, before arriving at this juncture. Coming back to the current page, you’ll be treated to sub-sections like your ‘Account Information,’ ‘Account Security,’ ‘Windows Live Hotmail Plus options’ and finally, ‘Other options.’ Look carefully at your ‘Other options’ list and the third-last one should read as ‘Close your account.’ This line will be strewn in between other choices like ‘Your email addresses,’ ‘Linked IDs,’ ‘Parental permissions,’ ‘Marketing preferences,’ ‘Windows Live options’ and more.

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When you hit the ‘Close your account’ option, you’ll be asked to reconfirm your decision. Among the text that’s displayed on the page, you’ll be able to see just what the consequences are once your account is closed. At the bottom of the page, there is one final box that must be filled in to complete the procedure. You would need to enter your password for the final time and hit on the ‘Yes’ option. Congratulations, you can now delete a Hotmail account without exerting too much effort.

What Happens When Your Account Is Closed?:

Your credentials namely, email address and password as well as your Windows Live registered information will be permanently deleted. Furthermore, this sign-in name cannot be used for signing into Windows Live or any other Microsoft service. All your contacts in Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Hotmail will be permanently lost. You will no longer be able to manage a minor’s account if you’re associated with any. And finally, you won’t receive news updates, newsletters or any other free subscriptions that are affiliated with this particular email address.

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Accidentally Closed Your Account? There’s Still Hope:

Although you’ve closed your account successfully after completing the aforementioned process in our guide detailing how you could delete a Hotmail account, it will not be immediately deleted, but slip into inactive mode instead. If you wish to reactivate your account, you can do so by simply logging back in. However, if it’s been inactive for over 4 months or 120 days, your account will permanently be deleted and your username will be up for grabs.


You’ll be rid of your Hotmail account within no time. All it takes is just a few taps and a little text print to read up during the process. Other than that, you needn’t dabble in any other extra humdrum procedures or complicated steps.


After you’ve managed to actually delete a Hotmail account by going through with the whole process, right till the last confirmation step, there’s just no turning back. All your messages from friends and family members and other information present in your account at the time of deletion, will be erased forever. There’s no way to reacquire this content once it’s been wiped out.

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The Final Word:

If you’re too lazy to go ahead and perform these steps, you can let the company do the same for you. However, you shouldn’t access your account for a period of 270 days or 8½ months. By doing this, you will render your account inactive. Only after 360 days will it be permanently deleted. We hope our guide on how to delete a Hotmail account helped you deactivate and erase your account. Do give us your feedback on the same.