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How To Decide If Cord Cutting Is Right For You

cord Cord-cutting is a growing movement in the States. Unlike those political movements, which require a face value, there are no prominent leaders in these movements. However, the battle between cable providers and streaming services is getting heated. People like you and I are left with uncertainty. There are many reasons why people are getting rid of cable. The primary reason being the growing cost of traditional cable TV. Secondly, streaming services have evolved. We are way beyond Netflix and Amazon Prime as the new streaming subscription services provide channels such as AMC, CNN, HGTV and many more. So, how to decide if cord cutting is right for you? Don’t worry, we are here to help.

Is cord-cutting right for you?

We will start with the most generic question. Is cord-cutting worth it? This is a subjective matter and has many different implications. Consider the following:

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How much are you paying for cable service?

If you are paying less than $60, cord-cutting might not be the option for you as you’re getting a great deal with TV. You can go through COX Cable options for some amazing discounts and promotions.

Are you ready to sacrifice the content on cable?

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To be honest, cord-cutting isn’t a magical solution to all your woes. Cable has a lot of content and with the streaming service, you can hardly get 50-60 channels. Most importantly, are you willing to adapt and be comfortable using this new technology?

Are you just tired of cable TV?

Most of the cord-cutters argue that they are tired of paying extra dollars for the cable service. The prices go higher and higher. The spike in prices leaves them no choice but to get rid of their services. Secondly, we all agree that the ads on the cable can get frustrating. Streaming services are cost-effective and a great way to see fewer ads.

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Benefits of cord-cutting

You can save some bucks

An average Cable TV subscriber pays more than $120 for the service. The prices go up every year and on average, your yearly bill goes up to $1400. This is a huge sum. By cutting the cord and signing up for the streaming service, you can reduce this sum to half. You will be paying somewhere around $50 per month even if you get all the popular services.

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Streaming services are user-friendly

The streaming services as opposed to cable give you the ease of access and are user-friendly. You find what you want at any time. There are many channels on the cable you never watch. With streaming, you can regroup your favorite channels for easier access.

You can take them anywhere you want

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The streaming services are portable which means you can take them anywhere you want to. You do not need a cable outlet to plug your box and get access. A working internet with a decent speed would do it. You do not even need a TV for that as it can be used on all the smartphones and tablets.


Streaming services are more reliable than the cable. You know what you are paying for. There are no added taxes, surcharges or power outages to limit your access.

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Cons of Cord-Cutting

Dependability on the Internet

Let us face it. Without the proper internet, streaming services are no good. Even if you have the internet, it has to be fast. You must have a minimum speed of 10Mpbs to stream high definition on a single TV. This might be a problem in areas with restricted internet access.

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Not a good option especially for Sports aficionado

Streaming services provide very limited access to sports channels. If you are a die-hard fan of NFL, NBA, or soccer, these services might not be for you. Like it or not, cable has a variety of sports channels to choose from. There are dedicated channels for Football, basketball, soccer, cricket, tennis, and adventure sport.

Delay in the availability of new episodes

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This is a major setback. Netflix is the prime example of how it takes a while for new episodes or shows to feature. The shows are uploaded after the live broadcast on cable has aired. So you might be a bit behind in the watch race.

One service might not be enough

Disney+ is launching this year. Apple is coming with its streaming service. NBC is launching Peacock and even Discovery will launch its streaming service to feature BBC content. Most importantly, these services will be locking down your favorite shows. As a result, you might have to sign up for multiple services at one time.

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How to decide then?

The answer to that is simple. If you are tired of cable bills, have a decent internet connection for streaming, and ready to sacrifice cable tv, cut the cord! If you do not want to miss your favorite games and need unlimited content to choose from, you should stick with cable.

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