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How To Change Your Default Browser

How To Change Default Browser

If you’re unsure about how to change your default browser, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to conduct your online searches with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you’ll have to first set them as your default browser. And that’s exactly what we will show you here. In order to install each one, you would have to follow a certain procedure. However, each browser has its own individual method and in this guide, we’ll explain the various steps that are required to get the job done.

1 – How to make Google Chrome your default browser:

Google Chrome Default Browser

To make Google Chrome your default browser, all you have to do is follow a few instructions that are laid out and the task will be as easy as pie. Simply opt for the wrench icon located on the far right hand side corner of the window in the browser toolbar and click on Settings. Right at the end of the page, below ‘Users,’ you’ll be able to spy the sub-heading ‘Default Browser.’ Once you find this section, simply select ‘Make Google Chrome my default browser.’ And if it is currently not your browser, a statement which reads, ‘Google Chrome is not currently your default browser’ will be displayed underneath the gray box.

2 – How to make Mozilla Firefox your default browser:

Mozilla Firefox Default Browser

In order to change your default browser to Mozilla Firefox, you’ll only require a few clicks of the mouse and just a couple minutes of your time. Once you have Firefox opened right in front of you, simply hit on the Firefox button or Tools menu if you’re a Windows XP owner and select Options. After diving into this category, proceed to the Advanced icon and focus your attention on the General tab and then the third and last section that reads as System Defaults. There, you can click on the ‘Check Now’ button which will throw out a caution window stating, ‘Firefox is not currently set as your default browser. Would you like to make it your default browser?’ Click on the ‘Yes’ option and then ‘OK’ once again. By doing this correctly, you should now have Mozilla Firefox sitting pretty as your default browser. If you want to reconfirm whether your set browser is indeed Firefox, you can conduct the aforesaid steps and hit the ‘Check Now’ button again. You should then see a pop up window saying, ‘Firefox is already set as your default browser.’

3 – How to make Apple Safari your default browser:

Apple Safari Default Browser

Are you ready to take a bite out of Apple Safari? Well, firstly you must have the browser in question within your sights and then click on the general Safari settings option which is situated on the extreme right hand side of your current page. From the drop down box, opt for ‘Preferences…’ and go to the General section on the new window. The Default web browser can be found on the very first layer of the page. Now, unlike any of the other delights mentioned in our change your default browser guide, this particular gem provides you with a list of all the browsers that are currently residing in your system. You now have the choice of setting any one from among the lot, directly via the Safari drop box itself.

4 – How to make Opera your default browser:

Opera Default Browser

In order to make Opera your default browser, you’ll have to undergo a certain procedure that isn’t too hard to comprehend. After opening the browser on your PC, opt for the Opera menu which is splashed on the top left hand side of the page. On activating a drop down box, hover your cursor over Settings and you’ll find a few other options jumping across the screen. Once again, hit ‘Preferences…’ and proceed to the Advanced tab. Now, from the panel located on the left hand side of the window, select the ‘Programs’ button. There will be a checkbox that’s attached to a line which reads, ‘Check if Opera is default browser on startup.’ After you put a little green tick mark in the box, simply hit the ‘OK’ knob. Although you’ve carried out the necessary steps properly, you would still have to restart the browser. When you do, a small window will pop up onscreen, asking you if you want to make it default. And of course, if that’s your wish, then click ‘Yes.’

5 – How to make Internet Explorer your default browser:

Internet Explorer Default Browser

All those out there who want to change their default browser to Internet Explorer must follow a certain set of easy instructions. On your IE browser itself, opt for ‘Internet Options’ from the Tools tab. Go to the Programs tab and take a peek at the second section which features the words, ‘Default Web Browser.’ You can then hit the ‘Make Default’ button and even check the box that precedes the line, ‘Tell me if Internet Explorer is not default web browser.’


Generally, whenever you download a new web browser on your computer, it always asks whether you want to set it as your default browser. But if you didn’t feel like setting it then, you can always follow the aforementioned steps and keep your worries about how to change default browser at bay. We have performed the various procedures on a Windows PC and it may differ from system to system. Do let us know whether our guide helped you in your endeavor.