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How These Shopping Sites Are Giving Amazon A Run For It’s Money

online shopping In their heyday, eBay and Amazon were the only viable options for consumers who were looking to buy merchandise online at reasonable prices. It was this very business model that has made Amazon one of the largest and most successful companies in the world.

Due in large part to the COVID19 pandemic, consumers all over the world have changed their purchasing habits. PreCOVID, online merchandisers were already experiencing double-digit percentage growth year over year. COVID-related lockdowns have only served to push online sales for top online retailers through the roof.

If for any reason you would be interested in an online retail alternative to Amazon, here are a few retailers you might find worthy of your consideration.


Of the big box store retailers, Target has by far the most impressive mobile app for online purchases. As a consumer, you can purchase anything online from Target that you could get by walking into the store. That includes a full range of items from the auto section and Target grocery store. They offer same-day delivery, plus reasonable delivery prices up to $35 where delivery becomes free.


For regular merchandise and some items off the beaten path, Overstock is a solid alternative to Amazon. They offer a great selection of items like trendy furniture, home decor, and a wide range of electronics. What they don’t offer are food and beverages. Free delivery at $45 and great membership deals are available.


If you would be interested in direct factory deals, AliExpress.com is where you would want to focus your attention. They offer a tremendous menu of merchandise that includes clothing, footwear, sporting goods, furniture, auto supplies, electronics, pet products, and beauty items. Most items fall well below what you would find on Amazon. The company features discounts, bulk deals, and very reasonable delivery pricing.


If low prices is your thing, you need to check out Lazada. They offer a huge menu of merchandise at prices well below listed prices at Amazon. You can also get Lazada coupons and vouchers if you’re willing to search the internet. Free delivery and same-day delivery are available in some regions.

Barnes and Noble

Amazon started with a focus on books and CDs. They obviously expanded to include almost any kind of merchandise you might want to buy. As a specialty store, Barnes and Nobel is now king of the retailers for books of all kinds. They also offer a wide range of affordable items like gifts, games and collectibles, art supplies, eBooks, and decorative household items.


If you are more interested in being a seller instead of a buyer, Decluttr is a great option for getting rid of the items you no longer need in your life. They offer a big marketplace for you to get rid of your old CDs, electronic devices, smartphones, office equipment, books, and even LEGOs. They have a pricing tool you can use to set realistic expectations on anything you are trying to sell.


Referring to itself as the “Internet’s Digital Superstore,” BuyDig does in fact offer a large catalog of electronic devices and cell phones. They also specialize in the sale of sports and fitness equipment, office supplies, Big Screen TVs, kitchen goods and appliances, and houseware brands. While free delivery options are available, you can request faster delivery services for a reasonable price.