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How The Internet Improves Personal Finances

checking personal finance via app and computer The internet, and technology in general, continues to impact virtually every aspect of our lives. What elements of existence haven’t been touched by the increasing ubiquity of the web and internet-enabled devices? While there are some elements that tech has most definitely harmed, by and large, the impact has been positive. And that’s most definitely the case when it comes to personal finances. Thanks to our web-connected devices, we’re more able to stay in control of our money than ever before. In this blog, we’re going to run through just a few of the ways in which tech can help you to nudge your personal finances in the right direction. Some may seem obvious, but let’s remember — they were not options in the pre-digital era.

Automated Payments

online money payment We’re all busier than ever before, and also, we all have more bills than ever before. That’s a recipe for potential financial chaos since once you miss one or two payments, your financial landscape can seriously nosedive. With your device by your side, it’s easy to set up automatic transfers, so money always arrives exactly where it should, at the right time. The internet doesn’t just allow you to transfer cash to companies and other people, either. You can also set up automatic payments to your savings account, which is especially handy if you’re one of those people that always forgets to pay yourself first before others!

Real-Time Balance Updates

There are plenty of advantages to debit cards, but while they make money easy to spend, they’re less helpful when it comes to knowing how much money you have. That’s because A. your balance is not visible on the card, and B. sometimes, it takes a few days before the money comes out of your account. Mobile wallets offer an improvement. One of the many advantages of having a mobile wallet is that your balance gets updated in real-time and is easily visible. That means there are no nasty surprises after a weekend of shopping.

Finding Deals

In the pre-internet age, you’d have to hope that your local store was giving you the best deal on the item you wanted to purchase. If they weren’t, then too bad. That’s the price. With the rise of online shopping, you can look around for the best deal, ensuring that you don’t pay more than you need to. This principle applies to small items, such as home appliances and so forth, as well as the large expenses that can really impact your money situation, such as mortgages, insurance, and automobiles.

On-The-Move Money Management

online money transfer In an ideal world, we’d all set aside some time each week to sit in our home office and go through our financial situation. But since when has this been an ideal world? Thankfully, you no longer need to get out those old receipts to have a firm grip on your money. With virtually every bank and credit card company having an advanced app, you can keep track of your finances no matter where you happen to be, even if you’re in a foreign country.

Earning Money

The internet doesn’t just facilitate easy payments and money management. It also makes it possible for people to earn money too. There are plenty of ways that you can earn money online. Some will provide a full-time income, while others will just allow you to passively top up your salary. There are various platforms where you can offer your services. Thanks to services like PayPal and others, it’s easy to invoice and receive payment, too.

Unleash the power of the web, and you can nudge your personal finances in the right direction!