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How Technology Is Impacting The Gaming Industry

vr-gamer Over the last few decades, gaming has undergone a revolution in terms of the technology available. In the wake of innovative technological innovation, gaming has continued growing, eclipsing other sectors in the entertainment industry.

In the U.S, over 164 million adults play video games highlighting the continuing growth of the sector. In 2018 the gaming industry generated $138.7 billion in revenue.  Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or an investor, you have to appreciate the impact of these new technologies on the industry.

This guide covers a few of the technologies in the gaming industry and their impact.

Biggest Technologies In The Gaming industry

Here are some of these revolutionary technologies impacting the gaming sector:

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

AI is one of the outstanding technologies over the last few decades. In gaming, this technology is used to create higher quality games and improve the players’ experience. AI has also helped game developers create more realistic games in terms of players, location, game logic and much more.

pubg mobile

Mobile Gaming:

There are over 5 billion people using mobile devices and hence mobile gaming is a no-brainer. More game developers now use a mobile-first approach when building gaming software. The play-on-the-go revolution has increased the number of gamers while also propelling the creation of more impressive gaming products.

Online Gaming:

Finally, players can now go online and play their favorite games without the need for software downloads, which has boosted the growth of the online casino industry with sites like Betsson online casino.

Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain is all the rage across multiple industries. In the gaming industry, game developers now have more efficient game development platforms that rely on blockchain. Developers can also include in-game rewards and payments.

pokemon augmented reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

AR and VR are amazing technologies that have started revolutionizing many industries. In gaming, game developers have leveraged these technologies to create more realistic games. Playing AR and VR games give the player a more immersive and exciting experience compared to traditional arcade games. Pokemon Go which is one of the earliest AR games was the most downloaded game and grossed $100 million in only 20 days.

These are only a few of the innovations that dominate the gaming industry today. More advanced innovations will continue trending as players demand even faster and more realistic games.


Impact Of New Gaming Technology

If you are a gamer or an investor thinking of putting money in the industry, you should stay on the lookout for these technologies. These technologies have impacted gaming in myriad ways including:

  1. Increasing access to games through online platforms.
  2. Mobile gaming offers a convenient way for people to play on the move.

Gaming is now cheaper as players don’t have to buy expensive game consoles or any other such hardware. And because it is possible to play directly from a browser, it makes gaming cheaper and more convenient.

Better User Experience: Gamers now enjoy a better playing experience as game developers leverage the latest technologies to create high-quality gaming products.

Responsible Gaming: Technologies such as AI now help players know when to take breaks.

More Intelligent Games: The games coming out today are highly intelligent and can help players boost their brain capacity.

Final Thoughts

The gaming industry continues to ride on the crest of a technology wave. The best innovations have helped game developers come up with better games while offering players the best playing experience. If you have an interest in gaming, you should stay up-to-date with these interesting gaming technologies.