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How Technology Has Improved The Gaming Experience

live-streaming-gaming We may not be above resisting the likes of retro classics such as Super Mario Brothers and Pac-Man, but the gaming industry has taken huge steps in the years since, thanks to the advancements in technology. The fact is that the experience of playing video games is significantly different than what came before it. Let’s look at some of the more pivotal technological advancements in gaming throughout the years.

3D Design Software

We may find what are relatively super-advanced gadgets around today on sites such as https://gdgtpreview.com/. But technology wasn’t always quite as advanced as it is now. What we now see as retro games were two-dimensional. Characters could only be moved in a limited number of directions. However, as improvements were made to graphics software in the ’90s, with hat came improved 3D design capabilities. The vast majority of modern games are designed in 3D for a more impressive- and dynamic-looking world, and realistic animations have replaced pixelated graphics to really draw the player in.

Faster Internet

Unlike in the 1980s, when games like Tetris were the order of the day, many of the games we play today are online. This enables multiple human players to engage in a realistic experience, turning gaming into more of a social experience. One great example of this Is World of Warcraft, a worldwide phenomenon enjoyed by more than eight million subscribers. For those who still love those older games, newer releases like Tetris Effect PC should give you your fix, but with the added advantage of modern Internet speeds.

Virtual reality

The VR experience enables you to not only interact with characters but experience what it’s like to travel in time and space and be immersed with the action you see on screen. Potentially, a player’s body could be mapped directly into the game, which means that they wouldn’t need to hold another device. When they hold out their hands, they’ll see in front of them for an incredible and fully immersive engaging experience.

Artificial Intelligence

The rise of AI has had a huge influence on gaming. In fact, its involvement in gaming lies in retro gaming, going all the way back to the original game of Pong. While, when you play Pong, you’re playing against a computer, and each move was predictable and basic. Modern AI, however, is craftier than that, using strategies more akin to what a human would make. This is most obvious in war games, where AI might apply tactics that would be used on a battlefield. This makes such games more of a challenge than they once were, and that will only be even more so the case as AI continues to get smarter. Right now, AI technology is focused on creating bots capable of learning and growing.

Mobile technology

You no longer have to spend hours in front of your console to play your favorite games. Portable gaming consoles may not be new, and the Nintendo Gameboy remains a joy to play, but mobile technology has evidently come on leaps and bounds. You can now download numerous games on your phone thanks to tie-ins and mobile apps, or remain connected to your online game via cloud-based technology. Players aren’t required to play on a home computer or buy consoles. They can instead enjoy mobile technology that enables them to play on the way to work or with friends. The new mobile-screen medium has also enabled game developers to show off their creativity with the more ubiquitous online connection and smaller format for basic yet intelligent games such as Angry Birds.

Gaming technology hasn’t suddenly ceased and so there’s more we can expect. Between the new challenges offered by immersive possibilities and smart AI, what awaits us will likely be even more intriguing than we what we’ve experienced so far, meaning that modem gaming might just be considered retro in no time at all.