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How Spam Can Get Your WordPress Site Blacklisted

phishing Spammers have plenty of methods in their arsenal. They can flood your website with fake data to hurt its rankings. They can snatch your users’ data for phishing and fraud. They may even cause your site to be blacklisted. This happens when marketers use emails left by bots. Discover the rules of contact list hygiene in 2021.

Some URLs are attacked hundreds of times per day. Spam is more than annoying — it is potentially dangerous for websites and their visitors. Your IP may get blocked. Webmasters and marketers can use the Wordpress anti spam plugin by CleanTalk to keep spammers at bay. Here are the key threats to prevent.

Spam and Blacklists

Aside from stealing data and spreading viruses, spammers may leave fake, inactive addresses or contacts of real users. Such entries must be removed from your list as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may encounter these scenarios.

  1. Users who did not sign up for your services will get your emails and mark them as spam, so they will be automatically sent to junk.
  2. Your emails will be received by the spammers, so the money will be wasted.
  3. Sending messages to fake addresses will trigger blacklisting, as your own site will look like a spammer.
  4. Your IP and email address will be blocked because some of the addresses are spam traps.

Blacklists are filled based on two sources of information — automatic detection and user complaints. Mail Abuse Prevention Systems keep track of mass mailing campaigns. The content of the messages does not matter at all, as the use of fake emails is a violation.

This is how your IP may end up on a blacklist. In addition, users who do not remember signing up for your content will also be frustrated. As the number of complaints grows, it will eventually lead to the same result.

Clean Your Mailing List

Unless you have a plugin that stops spamming in real-time, online services will help you check contacts quickly. Just enter the address in the search field and launch the check. Free manual systems are more suitable for personal use, as businesses need to check hundreds or thousands of emails.

Bulk clarification tools come in handy. Your entire list will be checked against the spam database. The system will establish the status and existence of every address. You may also check up to 1,000 emails per call using the API method.

The Bottom Line

Email is the most popular marketing tool online. When spammers fill in submission forms, such as orders or registrations, they leave fake contacts or emails that do not belong to them. If any of these land on your mailing lists, your website, IP, or email address may be blocked.

Fortunately, this problem has a simple solution. Check the emails online, use API, or install an all-in-one anti-spam plugin. The latter will prevent multiple threats in real-time without CAPTCHA or other barriers that hurt user experience.