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How Mobile Apps Are Tied To Digital Marketing Success

Stock Image Mobile Phone Even small local businesses must go digital or bust. Given how much time people spend online these days, digital marketing with a strong focus on mobile users is the way to go.

Naturally, reaching users through their smartphones is the most efficient use of digital marketing tools these days. And you won’t find a better way to exploit this opportunity than a dedicated mobile app.

Mobile applications are the primary channel for smartphone owners to interact with Internet resources and services. Applications are better adjusted to the users’ needs than websites, even those optimized for mobile devices.

They are simpler and more convenient to use. Even making one click less to accomplish the goal makes a big difference, and mobile apps are the best means for that task.

Of course, dedicated mobile apps don’t come out of nowhere. Businesses invest in software engineering solutions that would help them promote their brand and products. Therefore, software engineering services has become very essential in the marketing plans of all brands, big or small. Though the development of such applications requires time and money, the benefits it brings to businesses are superior.

How mobile application development supports your digital marketing efforts

Mobile app development is a part of the entire digital push. Some companies have in-house IT teams who deliver the relevant software engineer services. Other businesses prefer hiring third-party teams.

A customized mobile application can serve several purposes. What exactly can you achieve with a dedicated mobile app that you want your client to install and use? Let’s take a look at the key points.

Bigger Audience

kids-playing-mobile-games A mobile app is the direct representation of your business. To reach the mobile version of the website, users will have to launch the browser and either search or open the saved address. A mobile app only requires one click and exposes the user to all they might need at once (take a food delivery service, for example). Customers tend to value such an approach.

You may even say that the user who downloaded your mobile app is a focused visitor who is more interested in obtaining what your business offers as compared to a person randomly surfing through your business’ website. Most users turn to official websites for information. However, a mobile app is a tool for interacting with the service, whether it is paid or free.

Besides, if your mobile app exceeds your competitors in functionality and provides a better user experience, chances are high that the user will eventually turn into a loyal client. It is the usual case in financial apps development, for starters. Adding innovative features to resolve specific users’ challenges is an immediate and significant advantage in attracting plenty of new customers.

One more benefit of having a mobile app for your business is much better brand recognition. The application gets associated with your business. Attractive design, convenience and easiness of operating that app, and the positive emotions it raises are the weightiest arguments in favor of the brand. Users might leave a good review for your application, and this is turn can work out well for your marketing strategy.

Push Notifications

mobile commerce Push notifications in mobile apps are very efficient for informing users about something. Their role in marketing is tremendous. You can deliver information about new products and services, changes, discounts coupons, reward programs, and special offers. These notifications, unless disabled, reach customers in a much more direct manner as compared to email messages.

Of course, you should use push notifications wisely. If you send them too often, it may simply annoy user. They might cancel the push notifications or even get rid of the application. The right frequency and timing are critical. However, when used properly, push notifications can become an excellent channel for direct communication.

Lots of modern applications include geographical localization. For instance, the process of financial app development almost always involves the implementation of that feature. Location information adds additional security measures to protect payments, but it also lets the business send essential informational updates to the customers based on their precise location.

In any case, having the option to explore push notifications in your marketing strategies is a tremendous advantage you should not ignore.

User Data

You must know your customers, it is axiomatic. You have to collect your users’ data. When you are using your mobile app to that end, you can get information which would be valuable to your business. First of all, you can research how users interact with that app, which produces an excellent source of data on their behavior.

When you collect the information, analyze it properly, and make proper conclusions, you can adjust your marketing strategies for your users better. Apply a more individual approach, and optimize the content that will appeal to these people. But it is not about sales only. Based on the information you collect through the application, you can improve the tool itself, define weaknesses and fix them, enhance the pros, and make the software even more user-friendly for your customers.

It is a strategy where everyone wins – you provide the users with better products because you know what they require. Your customers, in their turn, help you improve your brand recognition and revenues.

What to focus on when developing a mobile app for your marketing strategy

Whether you have an in-house IT team that will create the mobile app for your business or order the software engineering service from a third-party company, you will have to consider many things. You will decide on features to implement and how to design the UI. It might be better to turn to professional IT companies because they have much more experience and can recommend the most efficient solutions to achieve the goals.

However, the most essential thing is user experience. For your customer, the convenience of working with your application is everything. It does not matter how exquisite your design is and which cool features you offer if it is difficult to find the necessary option or the software does not perform as it has to.

The interface must be clean, the navigation must be obvious, and each option should be available within as few clicks as possible. Registration must be as simple as possible, and you should consider integration with other resources like social media, maps and more. Focus on making the user experience superior.


Having a high-quality mobile app for your business is very helpful these days. Whether you focus on finance app development, fitness tracking, e-book readers, or just about any type of mobile app, it can bring your business many advantages.

We have already witnessed exceptional results from many companies that applied dedicated mobile apps to their marketing strategies. There is no doubt that the value of specialized mobile apps in marketing efforts will only grow.