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How Has Technology Changed In Garden Farming?

farming-drones Gardening has long been one of the most low-tech, manual activities that people can get involved with. But while it’s true that you don’t need much more than a packet of seeds, water, and some sunshine to build a successful garden, there are also ways to modernize your garden through the use of technology. From apps and innovative products to contemporary materials that provide a more efficient solution to farming essentials, improved methods for caring for plants have made gardening an even more enjoyable pastime. These are some of the ways that technology has changed the landscape of garden farming.

Greater Focus on Durable Materials

If there’s one area of garden farming that’s undergone the biggest change in terms of materials, it’s greenhouse glazing. What was once focused exclusively on glass panes has since evolved to include acrylic and polycarbonate glazing, providing a more insulating and long-lasting solution. Acrylic plastic sheeting is hard-wearing, UV protective and transmits light incredibly well, providing a more suitable environment for plants to grow and thrive while also being easier to maintain for the gardener in question. Focusing on the right materials for the job and utilizing technology in these areas provides a better setting for growing plants

Automated Pots and Tools

Gardeners have a wealth of technology at their fingertips now, not just in the form of apps that provide them with endless knowledge but also in the form of self-watering pots, electronic lawnmowers and even automated wheelbarrows that streamline the process of maintaining a garden. In today’s busy lifestyle, making use of technology such as this can make it easier to ensure that plants continue to grow even when we’re strapped for time. Self-watering containers have a water reservoir which sits below the soil so the roots can reach down and soak up water for nourishment, conserving water and saving time.

Heated Propagators

From planting flowers to growing vegetables from seeds, having a varied garden is typically the dream for gardening enthusiasts. But our climate doesn’t always allow for such variety and this is one area where tech has made a difference by allowing people in a host of environments to grow plants they ordinarily wouldn’t be able to. Heated propagators can make your seeds germinate faster and more successfully, ensuring less goes to waste. Such tools ensure the plants grow correctly and in the perfect environment, allowing you to alter the temperature and retain the warmth needed to grow certain fruits and vegetables.

Apps and Online Tools

As your garden grows and develops, you’ll naturally want to share the results. Digital tools such as apps and social media platforms have made this easier than ever before, as well as providing endless opportunities to learn about the art of farming and gardening. From learning about new plants to comparing harvests, figuring out the best way to tackle pests and diseases, and learning about climate-appropriate planting suggestions, technology has made the art of gardening one that everyone can get involved with, with incredible success.