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How Gadgets Affect Students Essay

student-gadgets Whether it is taking up freelance writing jobs and getting paid or writing in respect to an assignment given in class or simply writing free essays for leisure, it is undisputed that most students write essays. Much unlike static characters, content and subject matter vary from one student to another. At the risk of causing a Cannon-Bard Theory display, students have generally become lazy essay writers with many lacking the orderliness of Freytag’s pyramid in their writings.

The essays of many can, in fact, be summarized as the story of an hour summary. It would, therefore, be necessary to consider the various factors that affect every student in their essay writing assignments, either negatively or otherwise. Perhaps, the most notable of these factors and which would form the core of this free essay is the influence of gadgets.

A gadget is a new, often expensive, and hardware device or accessory that makes your life or the use of another device easier or more enjoyable. There are different classes of gadgets, some of which are mechanical (e.g., clocks, bicycles, thermometers), electronic, (e.g., transistor radio, television, cell phones, and the quartz watch), programmable and application gadgets.

As noted above, there are different types of gadgets that exist with each of them influencing and affecting the student in one way or the other. In this article, however, the effect of electronic gadgets would be given premium over others and as such gadgets in the context would involve smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, to mention a few.
Since technology has always been advancing throughout the years, it has made a big impact on people, especially on lifestyle with its influence growing more by the day. Today gadgets are to people, what a business strategy game is to a strategist, a necessity!

Positive Effects of Gadgets on Essay Writing

Today, gadgets have become an indispensable part of our lives, making the influence of technical gadgets on human relations too glaring to be overlooked. Gadgets nowadays are a basic need for everyday lifestyle, helps us a lot by doing things easier and faster and help students a lot by doing their projects more productive and progressive.

For the average student, gadgets also help them in their essay writing tasks. The advantages of gadgets in this regard are:

Depth of research: Virtually all electronic gadgets can access the internet, and this gives the student access to the millions of research papers, articles, books, and other resource materials available online. Instead of having to go through thousands of pages of different books and magazines in the library, which sometimes might either be outrightly unproductive or requires a lot of effort and time, a student can find useful resources for their work in minutes on the internet.

This gives the essay of the student a depth of research that might have been absent without internet access. Quicker results: With the influence of gadgets, there is quick access to the millions of resource materials available online, as noted above. This allows students to complete their essays faster. Since the challenge of finding materials is solved, students are able to focus on actually writing and using the content already made available to them. Free online plagiarism checker for students: In writing essays, either free essays or academic dissertations, plagiarism is generally condemned. Because of the ease of access to several resource materials available online, a student might be tempted to plagiarize. However, with the use of a plagiarism checker for students, keeping the write-ups original and free of plagiarism by comparing them against the internet database becomes a breeze.

Negative Effects of Gadgets on Students Essay

Despite the advantages of gadgets for the student generally and in writing their essay, specifically, there are also several other negative effects, some of which are:

Distraction: Gadgets can be a major distraction. Aside from providing access to online resources, the internet also plays host to a wide variety of entertainment channels. Offline, an electronic gadget also contains several applications that could keep a student off their work, and most students lack the discipline to restrict themselves to the task before them and therefore end up being distracted from writing their essays.

Use of abbreviations and poor writing habits: With the advent of Instant Messaging platforms, the use of abbreviations and shortened form of words has become very popular. Since most students use these platforms and also engage in the trend, they develop poor writing and spelling habits over time and which also reflect in their essays.