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How Do Cloud-Based Services Help Improve Customer Experience?

chip board cloud Cloud-based computing basically delivers applications, tools and services via a web connection. Companies and users no longer have to be limited by the space and processing power of their local PCs or servers in order to access applications, software and other services.

Cloud services become popular in the mid-2000s. Businesses are embracing the cloud to minimize traditionally computer-related troubles such as the purchasing of expensive software and hardware equipment.

Two decades since its emergence, cloud computing is witnessing tremendous popularity growth, with an estimated 85% of businesses expected to depend on the technology significantly by 2025.

Wide adoption of the cloud is not surprising. One of the significant benefits of cloud-based services in businesses is its capability to enhance customer experience (CX), particularly in contact centers. Those who run such businesses will benefit significantly from implementing a cloud-based contact centre as a service in their enterprise.

Cloud-based services brings many vital advantages to help offer customers a satisfactory experience. Here are some reasons why you should integrate cloud computing into your business if you aren’t already doing it.

1) Reduced Waiting Time For Incoming Calls

Traditional methods of setting business calls had a severe limitation regarding the number of phone calls the business can possibly attend. If your organization needs to attend hundreds of customer calls daily, using the traditional setup can be limiting and problematic.

Companies can tackle this challenge by using relevant CCaaS solutions. These solutions offer features such as advanced routing, artificial intelligence-aided customer support and automation among other things. This will allow employees to handle more phone calls. Ultimately, the customer waiting period will be shortened, improving the customer experience.

2) Offers Consumers Smooth Omni-Channel Experience

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As a growing organization, it is essential to have several channels through which your clients can view and contact your business. These channels might include the business website, phone calls, social media business pages, chatbots and other applications.

The cloud is capable of eliminating potential communication gaps between your different business channels by providing a single platform through which you can view and access all the existing channels. In addition, a central platform will ensure that there is no need to constantly switch from one app to other, ultimately increasing productivity.

In addition to the cloud, you can include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to go over the company’s communication with the customers. This will result in findings that might help you meet your clients’ needs and enhance their experience of doing business with you.

You can get an omnichannel contact center set up at your place with the help of a trusted CcaaS provider. In exchange for a monthly fee, you will gain invaluable insights on increasing your brand name by improving your customer experience.

3) 24/7 Customer Interaction

The majority of the time, customers call to inquire about routine or generic questions. In place of answering these repeated questions over and over, you can set up chatbots which can easily do this mundane task. These cloud-based bots are programmed to guide your customers and give them suitable responses, such as questions involving the information already available on the website.

Some advanced chatbots are designed to give answers when specific phrases or words are typed/written. These chatbots will let your customer representatives focus on more complicated tasks instead of repetitive and mundane questions. Moreover, this will also reduce the number of employees required.

Another advantage of chatbots is that customers will not have to wait for the desired answer. Installing an intelligent chatbot on your business website and social media pages will provide instant solutions to your clients globally.

In conclusion, your customers will likely have an enhanced experience of purchasing your products and services, which means you enjoy higher sales.

Final Words

In today’s market, the customer experience is of utmost importance. As a result, almost every business is finding ways to attract customers by providing them with excellent customer care services. One such technique is to make clever use of cloud computing.

There are multiple ways in which you can include cloud-based services into your enterprise in an attempt to improve customer experience. Using a cloud-based Contact Centre as a Service solution is essential to ensure a flawless experience of integrating the cloud with your business.

Cloud-based approach as an omnichannel solution will help you with a central platform to manage customer relations and give your customers a unified experience across different platforms. In addition, other aspects of the cloud, such as Artificial Intelligence and automation will make your business efficient and faster.