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How Deskalerts controls communication problems during an unplanned IT Outage

desk-alerts Deskalerts founded in 2006 over the years has become a solid presence on the international market due to the effective software solutions they provide to corporate communications.

With the goal in mind to provide businesses with all the necessary solutions, they would need in effectively disseminating information across all workers no matter the region or office branch they are present in.

Deskalerts as a global company with over 20+ partners and 30+ competent employees worldwide, they offer software facilitated information dispersion services across all devices whether handheld/mobile or desktops and laptops.

Deskalerts offers a wide range of products such as desktop alerts, pop-up surveys, desktop tickers, and emergency notifications

Their products have served numerous organizations right as can be seen with the various praises and testimonies available for view on our site.

The importance of the dissemination of information cannot be more overemphasized on as a split second enlightenment on possible improvements in policies and actions might be the difference between a company breakthrough.

The importance of an effective IT system in any corporate organization cannot be understated as the saying goes “information is power”.

IT requires close monitoring and scheduled maintenance in order to remain effective and maintain durability, this can be a problem due to the important the internet poses to businesses of the present age and having control of this is of utmost importance.

Deskalert’s products greatly curb this issue as they provide a means of passing information across multiple platforms.

These issues include:

1. Scheduled maintenance

In case of situations of scheduled maintenance, our desktop alerts, and emergency notifications can be of great assistance as they can be a swift means of information to the entire organization on the situation beforehand. System downtime and outages impact IT-reliant business with great magnitude and providing a means to correct this is of great importance.

2. Unexpected IT outages

In cases of unexpected IT outages, our products can also be of great importance by providing staffs steps on measures and alternative means of operation to ensure work continuity. Work continuity cannot be overemphasized as an employee might be on the brink of striking a multi earning contract and the downtime can pose a threat in closing the deal if it is at finalizing stages.

Deskalerts unexpected IT outages solution provide the best means of solving this issue as it provides,

  • Instant alert on outage status.
  • Alert on outage duration.
  • Alert on outage causes.
  • Resolution feedbacks.
  • Reminders if any.

The information passed through Deskalerts emergency notifications software can’t be skipped or ignored ensuring employees actually take note of them. This is especially helpful in terms of passing information on emergencies as any security measures passed across are taken note by all.

A case can be noted during the terrorist attacks in Brussels in which our software was of great assistance to medical institutions which adapted it, for the dissemination of essential information needed.

Deskalerts products provide a unified office interaction such that you have easy access to a generated employee space allowing direct and singular notifications when necessary.