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How Custom Software Development Works (And Why Your Business Needs It)

software-development Custom software is designed to meet the exact needs of any organization. Whether it’s used by the entire company or just one team, its purpose is to match precise, unique business requirements that off the shelf software does not. Typically, this type of software is created only for the use of one company — either by their own in-house group of developers or through a contract with a third-party.

The types of software that you can get straight off the shelf are available to everyone and are created to fulfill the basic requirements of the majority. These are packaged software options such as Microsoft Word, which caters to the masses, but if you need something more specific that can be adapted to your company’s own requirements then as good as Word may be, it simply doesn’t fit the bill.

On the other hand, customizable software is exactly as the name suggests — a product that’s commissioned, developed, and tailored to fit the needs of just a single company. The design brief will be specific to that company or even the one department within the company, depending on the company requirements.

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The advantages of custom software development

With custom software development, a company can specify exactly what they require the software to do, the functions they need from it, and any additional features that they believe may be useful. The goal of using customized software is that it should help to increase levels of productivity due to increased functionality.

This software comes at a price. However, the demand for something that works to fill an internal need within a company is driven by the knowledge that it will ultimately increase efficiency and therefore drive productivity. For any business with a unique requirement, customized software is the smart and often the only choice.

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Are there disadvantages of custom software development?

Off-the-shelf software is available to purchase simply by walking into a shop or ordering online, whereas custom software is not. It requires a lengthy process to develop, create, and then implement while ensuring that everything works smoothly. This all comes at a cost, both in terms of time and financial cost. Any business that’s looking to have custom software created needs to factor in all the costs that are associated with this, and these costs will probably include an element of staff training on how to use the software. These costs can run into the five-figure range, depending on exactly what a company requires. Ultimately, businesses find that in the long-term, they can save time and costs, which obviously has an effect on a business’ bottom line.

Why you need custom software

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In order to ensure that the custom software can do exactly what you want it to do, it’s vital that the business that creates it understands exactly what your company’s software specifications are. They need to be fully conversant with all the functions that you require from your software and any possible amendments that you might want to create in the future. Once they have this level of understanding, they can create something that will work the exact way you have envisaged it. This will allow you to improve the way in which you run your business, making you more efficient, organized, and hopefully more profitable.