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How Conversational AI Can Give Your Business A Competitive Edge

AI is transforming different aspects of running a business, including communication with customers. The need for offline call centers may soon decline, as artificial intelligence is now capable of generating human-like conversations. Higher productivity, lower cost of customer care, and improved employee experience are only some of the advantages.

In order to embed realistic text and voice capabilities into products, a conversational-AI-as-a-service platform such as Dasha.ai can be integrated with web-based applications, mobile and desktop products for call centers and IoT. Here are the basics.

How Intelligent Is AI?

artificial intelligence ai AI systems of the latest generation design real-world conversations that show excellent results in a limited Turing test, or “the imitation game” as Alan Turing himself called it. A machine working so well that a human evaluator cannot reliably tell it from a human respondent passes the test. This means it is intelligent enough to sufficiently impersonate staff members.

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Since the 1950s, different variations of the test have appeared. In 2018, AI-powered chat agent Google Duplex made headlines when it successfully booked an appointment with a hairdresser over the phone. The receptionist thought they were speaking to a real human.

How It Works

Artificial Intelligence The Google demo can be recreated in fewer than 400 lines of code. Alternatively, developers may integrate a no-code GUI that produces the corresponding code. Intelligent solutions are compatible with all platforms and programming languages. Applications can also be built, managed, and deployed from VSCode.

A declarative programming language based on events lets developers create conversations of impressive complexity. Here are a few examples:

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  • call center automation,
  • agent enhancement,
  • speech analytics,
  • restaurant bookings,
  • receptionist,
  • Discord robots,
  • enriching an existing app with voice control
  • conversational IVR (interactive voice response).

Thanks to advanced conversational solutions, developers build impressive capabilities on any platform, from web servers to browsers to VoIP. This type of AI can be connected to:

  • instant messengers,
  • email systems,
  • SMS,
  • Slack,
  • Zendesk,
  • proprietary widgets and
  • chat apps, etc.

Using Available Resources

The adoption of AI does not require building infrastructure from scratch, which also makes this solution cost-efficient. These systems can be integrated with existing databases, external services, and business logic. Your team can program conversations to run within apps, by phone, or via IoT.

Voice and Text

There is no need to create separate apps for voice and text conversations. AI can support them within the same product simultaneously. No changes are required!

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AI That Helps You Outshine Competitors

Modern consumers are accustomed to personalized products and on-call delivery. They expect fast, simple, and accurate responses to any queries. Accommodating their needs and delivering an enriched experience 24/7 is a challenge. Fortunately, virtual agents powered by conversational AI process data faster and more accurately than humans. They support a seamless and informative experience that drives satisfaction, sales, and loyalty.