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How Can You Maximize Your ROI From Influencer Marketing?

social media influencer In a survey mentioned in a LinkedIn article, 76% of quizzed marketers and agencies described ROI as the “top challenge” in influencer marketing – because this ROI is harder to measure than it is in other forms of marketing media. Indeed, ROI can seem somewhat abstract in influencer marketing…

That’s because the returns – like increased brand awareness and engagement – aren’t always easy to quantify. However, you can still maximise those returns – such as through these means…

Choose the right influencers

Each influencer you recruit to your marketing cause should be intimately in tune with it. However, they need to be capable of similarly resonating with their own audiences – who, hopefully, could soon add to yours. Now, what exactly do you want to achieve with influencer marketing?

If you want to maximise engagement, for instance, you should consider turning to nano influencers, as research shows that these niche influencers outperform other influencers in engagement.

Make sure you vet influencers – or ask an agency to do so

instagram influencer When your influencers are openly promoting your products, they are acting as an extension of your brand. Hence, you don’t want to inadvertently pick up any bad apples, so to say, from the wide range of influencers who could be willing to do deals with you.

Influencer Marketing Hub lists various questions you can ask when you are contemplating partnering with a particular influencer. Meanwhile, Socially Powerful are a global influencer marketing agency that could help you to select the most suitable influencers.

Place a priority on the right content

Of course, one major selling point of hiring an influencer in the first place is that they can create promotional content on your behalf. In the process, these people can tap into a wealth of specialist skills and expertise that might, at least so far, elude your own in-house marketing team.

Nonetheless, you should be careful to brief the influencer on what – in their own unique, perhaps even quirky, way – you would like them to essentially say on your company’s behalf.

Foster a long-term relationship with your chosen influencer

It can pay off to treat hiring an influencer like saying yes to marriage – in other words, by choosing someone you can realistically anticipate being happy with long into the future.

One major benefit of establishing this kind of a relationship with an influencer is that it could give you a greater degree of leeway when it comes to striking new deals with them. They might be happy to make concessions with you that they wouldn’t with someone else who has only just hired them.

Integrate your influencer marketing with other promotional channels

You don’t want to quite place all of your eggs in the influencer marketing basket. That’s because, paradoxically, weaving your influencer marketing efforts with other promotional strategies, like comparatively traditional advertising, could help to further grow your gains on the influencer side.

Just remember: ultimately, your success with influencer marketing depends not strictly on quantifiable returns but, quite simply, on how well you meet your specific goals.