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How Can Technology Improve The World Of HR?

Human Resources is arguably the most important department in any business. The challenge of ensuring that employees are both happy and productive in their roles is a continuous one, with no one worker reacting the same to measures.

Whilst this is primarily a people industry, technology has a big part to play in the way conversations and relationships can be managed, recorded and acted upon. Innovations in technology, could result in savings in not just time but money for companies with large HR departments.

For example, the introduction of chatbots into internal business infrastructure could save HR leaders time from answering FAQ style inquiries, leaving them to concentrate on more pertinent conversations.

Innovative tech such as VR could also be a useful tool for recruitment strategies, enabling face to face meetings whilst being physically in different continents. Companies have also been trialing this technology in other ways, with KFC creating a new onboarding experience based in a virtual reality environment.

HR consultants AdviserPlus have created a new infographic which details several more ways in which technology could revolutionize the world of HR. You can take a look at it below…

Adviser Plus Future of HR IG