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How Birdsong Tablet Is Different From Other Tablets For Seniors?

Birdsong Tablet In this fast-changing world where technology keeps upgrading at breakneck speed, the older population often find themselves left out. The older generation comes from the era when life was quite simple, the automation was limited to industries and factories, and things were still easier to operate. Nonetheless, most of the digital innovations that have taken place recently are aimed at simplifying the lives of the users – including that of senior citizens. Technologies like smart home devices or tablets for seniors are aimed at adding comfort in the lives of aging adults who often develop physical and mental disorders with age.

One of the most significant benefits of senior-friendly tablets is connectivity. Almost all tablets for seniors come with internet browser service, enabling one to connect with the world or use social media. Although seniors have limited exposure and knowledge of the technology as compared to the millennials, studies have indicated that older adults have become new consumers of the technology. A majority of the aging population around the world uses the internet daily. Moreover, most aging seniors have smart tablets. It’s evident that the usability of smart tablets has made it a must-have device for seniors.

Today, the market is filled with a wide range of tablets for seniors. This has turned the search for an ideal device an overwhelming experience. However, when investing in a tablet for seniors, one must look for user-friendly features.

Make sure that the device you are purchasing is compatible with the technical knowledge of the users. Most seniors develop dexterity issues as they age. Simple tasks like holding objects can turn into a challenge. Getting a touch screen tablet is the best for such individuals. Another feature to look for is the multimedia content the tablet has. Tablets that come loaded with experiential content are ideal for those who suffer from depression or boredom.

The Birdsong tablet is one such senior-friendly tablet that is designed exclusively for the aging population.

What makes the Birdsong Tablet Different from other Tablets for Seniors?

Based on an Award-winning Software: The software of this innovative Birdsong tablet is based on groundbreaking research conducted by Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay Life together with Eastern Virginia Medical School, Virginia Wesleyan University. The objective of the study was to find out the impact of bedside electronic devices like tablets on the quality of life of older adults. It was found that such devices can significantly reduce depression and boredom in the residents. The use of such devices also showed a reduced level of stress in the caregivers. The tablet creates an ecosystem where the user and their caregivers can stay connected with each other with the press of a button.

Designed Exclusively for Senior Citizens: Although there are a wide variety of senior-tablets, they are not exclusively designed for older adults. However, Birdsong tablet is amongst a few tablets that are designed, keeping in mind the unique needs of the senior citizens. For instance, while most other tablets for seniors are 8-inch in screen size, the Birdsong tablet features larger and bigger screen size. It’s available in 10-inch and 15-inch screen resolution. Since most people develop eye-sight issues with age, having a big screen enables them to see the fonts and pictures on the screen clearly.

Ever-present Home Button: No matter how hard our oldies try to catch-up with the technology, age-related ailments like memory loss get the better of them. They can easily get lost in the apps and have a frustrating experience. To make it easy for the users to operate the tablet, it has an ever-present home button. The user can press the button whenever they get lost in the apps or are unable to exist an app.

Endless Pool of Digital Content: Most adults live away from their families or at an assisted living facility. The sense of isolation comes naturally to aging adults. While most tablets are limited to providing calling and texting features, the Birdsong tablet works as a treasure trove of digital content. With more 8000+ digital experiences, the tablet keeps its users engaged and entertained. The users can fight boredom through endless games, puzzles, music, videos, and much more.

Brain Fitness: Memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other mental ailments are inevitable in aging adults. A majority of the older population suffers from some level of forgetfulness or memory loss. The Birdsong tablet helps the users delay such symptoms. While other tablets come with brain games, apps and activities, they are not exclusively dedicated to brain fitness. A large portion of the multimedia content available in Birdsong tablet is focused on enhancing the mental health of the users. From trivial games to travel videos, picture gallery to puzzles, all are aimed at improving cognitive skills in older adults.

Subscription Plan: Although there are numerous tablet for seniors, most of them are priced on the higher side of the scale. On the other hand, Birdsong tablet is inexpensive and affordable. One can buy a monthly or annual subscription at a 100% risk-free offer, to enjoy all the benefits of the tablet.