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How Artificial Intelligence & Technology Will Evolve In 2020 And beyond

artificial-iIntelligence-ai Increased integration with open-source technology is one of the biggest changes we’re likely to see with AI in the coming years. Open-source technology and software have been big drivers to improvements in AI and in the future, with increasingly powerful servers we’re likely to see even more in this space.

Improved networks

Kubernetes cluster networking has had huge input from open-source developers over the years and as such will likely remain up there with some of the most important open-source collaborations of our time. Linux, Redhat and Debian are just a few of the most successful companies to have been developed off the back of open-source and our growing demands for complex tech in 2020 and beyond will likely spur others down the same path.

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A better community for AI development and technology

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence relies on a computer’s ability to gain a deeper understanding of human intelligence and despite the risks posed by AI in the coming decade, AI will be increasingly more present in our day to day lives. Open-source technology and software development has created a sea change in the way businesses and developers like to think about the ownership of software, and this cultural shift will have a huge impact on the development of AI. Our willingness to share data is crucial for Artificial Intelligence to prosper, and when we consider AI through the lens of an open-source software developer it’s easy to see both why and how this could happen in the future. Effectively the playing field is levelled, and developers will have more freedom and resources to create exciting new technology for consumers.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence

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In many ways, people are suspicious of Artificial Intelligence, but when we consider the way in which it’s made shopping online convenient and hassle-free, there are obvious benefits. Search engines are already employing AI in their algorithms and machine learning is changing the way in which consumers interact with businesses and find products in a radical way. In the future, we’re highly likely to see a dramatic evolution to the experience of shopping online and more and more of the online stores we know will be using AI in their businesses.

Changes to Augmented Reality and consumer behaviour

Augmented reality has moved on in leaps and bounds in the last few years and is almost at the point where it will be an everyday element in our lives. Retail stores are now seeing the value in AI and are attempting to create the most unique, technologically advanced experiences for their visitors both online and in-store. With better in-store experiences and more tantalizing ways to browse products, consumers are going to see a complete change to the way in which we shop. Find out more about how this emerging technology is going to shape the future of shopping in this interesting guide.

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Regardless of industry Artificial Intelligence and technology are both going to change and in the coming years and businesses of all sizes are likely to need to adapt to a new climate. Big benefits to large and small businesses alike are on the horizon and being aware of new technology will stand your business in good stead for the future.