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How 5G Will Revolutionize Mobile Gaming

5g The 5G technology, or “the fifth generation” of cellular network, is expected to revolutionize the tech industry with all that implies. No matter in which field, 5G will bring some changes everyone hoped for.

Tech companies started deploying the technology in the entire world since last year. There are many expectations of how will all the experiences look like. While everyone thinks of speed – and that is one of the main reasons to be hyped about the 5G -, the truth is it will do much more than that.

The higher speed will improve the response rate. That means a response rate of a millisecond, about 50 times faster than in the case of the 4G technology.

A great never-seen-before speed will help in all the online experiences. Imagine everything we do online, but just much faster because of the 5G technology. It means also greater bandwidth and much higher download speeds, of up to 10 Gb per second.

One of the industries which will benefit from the great speed of 5G technology is mobile gaming. You can have the online games and slots on your mobile device, and benefit from a much better response rate. For example, Unibet Casino, where there is a variety of casino games, like very popular slots, blackjack, roulette, table, jackpot slots, or video poker.

Having better speed will help a lot in the industry. While you can have the online games in your pocket, on the mobile devices, an average speed of 300 Mbps means almost no problem with latency when playing.

Also, if you can benefit from a much better speed means you don’t have to stay in just certain places to enjoy a dynamic and immersive experience. You can either play from home, on vacation, or as you travel. The mobile gaming fans playing on mobile devices is what online casinos dream of because this means more players.

Now that we know that speed will help load faster all the games on the mobile devices, making the mobile experience more appealing, let’s see which are the other aspects 5G will revolutionize.

When it comes to mobile gaming, we think of new ways of entertainment. One of them is Virtual Reality – or VR -, which will change the face of gaming once and for all. With 5G, VR gaming will be a usual experience on a regular basis. But that means huge amounts of data used, so the fastest connections available on the tech market are needed for VR to become a real trend.

Mobile gaming is not just about the video or the graphics, but also the sound. The sound experience will be improved too with the help of 5G.

But we can dream even more. 5G could bring more cloud-based services, more multiplayer games, and more players in a single session, and we are also looking at special gaming-focused phones. Needless to say that all go hand in hand with the much-awaited higher speed. This roughly translates into less congested networks, so players will have a much more “flexible” playground.

And 5G isn’t limited just to the speed, data, time, and similar benefits for the gamers, but also the battery benefits. Downloading a 1 GB file just like that means a lot less battery used. All these translate into less money spent, less stress and more time to enjoy mobile gaming.

Why so many benefits for the mobile gaming industry? Well, the answer is plain and simple: The 5G is, in a nutshell, the evolution of the mobile Internet. While it will also be used in other aspects of day-to-day Internet usage, having a connection much better than today’s home broadband says it all.