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6 Hotspot Shield Alternatives

Hotspot Shield Alternatives

Our lineup of Hotspot Shield alternatives endows you with some reliable VPN software solutions. Hotspot Shield is generally relied on for protecting identity theft online, hiding the IP address, securing web sessions and gaining access to content minus any sort of censorship. What’s more, it creates a virtual private network between your computer and its internet gateway. Hotspot Shield is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac OS X systems and even has respective apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android-powered devices. But if you’re looking out for suitable substitutes, then you’ve come to the right place.

1 – Ultrasurf:


Bypass firewalls and censorships with Ultrareach Internet Corporation’s brainchild. Jumping onto the scene tagged with the line, ‘Privacy, Security, Freedom,’ this anti-censorship, pro-privacy software offers anonymous surfing as it hides your IP address from the sites you’ve visited as well as clears cookies and browsing history.

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By employing strong end-to-end encryption, you can be sure that your data transfer is safe from prying eyes. Ultrasurf boasts of fast page loads and absolutely no installation woes. It even aids in protecting you while you’re browsing via public Wi-Fi. However, Ultrasurf is only available for Windows and not Linux or Mac OS systems. And did we mention that it’s free to acquire?

2 – proXPN:


Here’s another free service that fits the alternatives to Hotspot Shield bill to the tee. According to the developer, the easy-to-use service lets you gain access to any website, anytime, anywhere. It hides your location and even prevents those no-good individuals from tapping into your passwords, instant messages and banking details. The VPN forms an encrypted tunnel where all your online information can pass through securely.

Furthermore, the company reportedly keeps user-identifiable data for only 14 days. With this program fitted into your device, you can surf the web ‘anonymously and without oversight.’ There are 2 types of accounts that are up for grabs, Basic and Premium. While the former is free of cost, the latter can be picked up for $6.25 per month.

3 – CyberGhost:


Are you CyberGhosted yet? Well, if you’re not, then we suggest you snag the spectacular specter right away. Why you might ask? Well for one, it prevents site operators from identifying and tracking you. It’s also a great option for viewing uncensored websites and blocked content, breaking the geo-restriction barrier. It’s a reliable treat that allows you to make transactions and payments while using public WLANs or hotspots without having to look over your shoulder for suspicious activity.

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And as the company states, CyberGhost seems to be a good choice for activists, journalists and police officers who need to investigate with ease. Besides a free version, there’s a trio of other pricing schemes namely, Classic, Premium and Premium Plus VPN that’s tagged at €4,17, €6,67 and €9.92, respectively.

4 – TunnelBear:


This consumer VPN software ‘securely tunnels your internet connection to locations around the world,’ as the company reveals. With this program in place, you’ll be able to bypass internet censorship, protect your privacy and even access any website that was previously banned in your country or region. Much like the other programs like Hotspot Shield, this one also forms a secure connection between your gadget and a server.

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You can take advantage of 3 pricing schemes namely, Little, Giant and Grizzly, which are tagged at free, $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year, respectively. And in case you’re wondering, the service is extended to Windows and Mac PCs as well as iOS and Android-infused devices.

5 – AlwaysVPN:


Noted to be a hosted virtual private network, the software featured here forges an encrypted tunnel between your PC and its servers. Thereon, all your internet traffic is directed to this link so that the information traveling back and forth is kept secure and away from nasty eavesdroppers. Besides bypassing restrictive firewalls and government web content filtering, you can even gain access to US only web content if you’re residing in another country altogether. AlwaysVPN extends support to a host of systems such as Windows XP, 7 and Vista as well as Ubuntu Linux and Mac OSX 10.4 – 10.7. All you have to do is head straight to the signup page and make an account. You can then opt from a host of bandwidth options and download the VPN client. The bandwidth list starts from just under $9 for 5GB and goes all the way up to $47 for 80GB.

6 – WiTopia:


‘Encrypt the planet’ is the call to arms here. This particular entrant in our alternatives to Hotspot Shield roster claims to provide online privacy while offering you encrypted access to any site you desire, irrespective of its location and reach. The global VPN network has IP addresses in 57 places across 35 countries. The contender also supports a variety of systems such as Windows Vista, XP and 7, Linux, Mac OSX, Android, iOS and Google Chromebook. You’ll be able to pick up a monthly or annual plan that starts at just under $6 and $50, respectively.


Are you ready for a private and anonymous browsing session? Well, if you’re nodding with gusto then these aforementioned Hotspot Shield alternatives are just the delights you need. Keep all unwanted attention away from your browsing activities, vital information and instant messages. You’ll also be able to bypass online restrictions and gain access to any website. While some of the options listed here are offered absolutely free of cost, a few of the others come with a little price tag. Whatever be your preference, do let us know which ones you’ve picked, by leaving a comment or two in the box below.

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