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6 HootSuite Alternatives

HootSuite Alternatives

We’ve plucked some interesting HootSuite alternatives fresh off the internet just so that you can get your hands on the best social media management options out there. If you’re done dabbling with HootSuite and are looking out for some apt replacements, then you’ve come to the right place. Our list comprises of solid solutions that should strike a chord with all you social butterflies out there. They are great for either boosting your business or for personal purposes. So take a look and let us know what you think about our lineup.

1 – Buffer:

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This particular service forays onto the scene tagged with the line, ‘a smarter way to share.’ And rightly so, it enables you to seamlessly add material like videos, pictures, and articles to your Buffer page. You’ll even be able to see the number of shares, mentions, likes and retweets you receive via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, all by just throwing a glance at your online page. What’s more, you can also collaborate with all your team members through one simple dashboard. The brains behind this endeavor let you avail of this option in a number of ways – via your internet browser, mobile applications, and major newsreader apps.

2 – TweetDeck:

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The nocturnal avian in question here isn’t the only bird that has managed to perch itself atop the internet. This entrant in our sites like HootSuite roster lets you track real-time conversations that matter to you. You can stay abreast of the latest happenings that are doing its rounds in your social world by tweaking the service’s customizable layout.

YouTube video

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And you’ll even be able to share your thoughts and opinions with others in the form of photos, tweets, and links to news stories. Take complete advantage of powerful filters as well as customizable columns for arranging your feeds. You can also schedule tweets, get notification alerts for new ones and manage unlimited accounts. And if you’re away from your PC, you can even avail of the respective iOS and Android apps.

3 – SocialOomph:


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‘Boost your productivity,’ is the call to arms here. This particular gem comprises of handy productivity tools that are fashioned exclusively for social media users. And if you consider yourself one among that lot, you’ll be able to easily schedule tweets, extend Twitter profiles, access your personal status feed and even manage unlimited accounts. You can further exploit plenty of exciting Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk and Onlywire features through this option. Shedding light on its pricing details, there are 2 types of accounts available here namely, a free one and a Professional edition that will cost you just under $18 once every 2 weeks. You can start off by registering for a free account and then try out the latter for a week.

4 – SpredFast:


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Here’s another interesting inclusion in our applications similar to HootSuite array that enables you to effectively communicate with a wide audience via major social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare, and LinkedIn. This particular service believes in the 3 M’s – monitor, message, and measure everything as it happens on the social media front.

As the developer reveals, you can listen in to the social conversation that’s based on you, your company or brand, echoing through multiple channels. Via the dashboard, you’ll be able to perceive just how many comments, retweets, views and mentions your post received.

5 – Sprout Social:

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Sprout Social

‘With billions of conversations taking place across the social web, are you seeing the most important ones?,’ quips the creator. Well, if you aren’t sure, why not try your hand at this service and see the results? Through this option, you’ll be able to manage conversations and see just how your brand is faring as well as schedule updates for different social channels. You can even juggle large channels, teams, assignments, and tasks without breaking a sweat.

YouTube video

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What’s more, your efforts will be displayed in the form of comprehensive analytics and reporting. Now as far as the pricing is concerned, there’s a trio of editions you can sign up for. These names include Standard, Deluxe, and Premium which are priced at $39, $59 and $99 per user, respectively.

6 – Blurtster:


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Aimed at small businesses, this social media marketing tool lets you bask in the buzz that’s created around you, your company or brand. Through this service, you can learn what individuals have to say about you, search and contact potential customers, and simultaneously send messages across multiple networks. What’s more, you won’t have to flutter from one tab to the other as your Twitter feeds and the Facebook wall will be displayed across a user-friendly dashboard.

The website even splashes out your social media activity in the form of easy-to-read visual reports. This inclusion in our sites like HootSuite roundup is up for grabs at just under $10 per month. And if you want to try the service before pulling out your wallet well, you can take complete advantage of a 15-day trial absolutely free of cost.


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The service in the spotlight here flew onto the scene 5 years ago. Created by Ryan Holmes, it sports a dashboard user interface that supports a host of social network integrations such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, WordPress, Foursquare, Google+, Linkedln and more. Now in case you are setting your sights elsewhere when it comes to managing your social networking websites, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some pretty great HootSuite alternatives out there. So dive right in and leave your comments in the box situated just below.