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HomePod firmware hints at iPhone 8 split status bar, tap to wake feature

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Image Credit: iDrop News

Apple’s HomePod firmware slipup seems to be the gift that keeps on giving, with developers still uncovering interesting bits of information about the iPhone 8. The latest round-up confirms wireless charging, quick charging, a new tap to wake tool, and an all-new status bar.

The last has been a topic of discussion for a while now, with many wondering how exactly Apple was going to reconcile the assumed camera cutout up top with all the information it usually displays in that region. As it turns out, it’s probably going for the simplest solution by simply splitting up the area.

As per developer Steven Troughton-Smith’s tweets, the new status bar is set to be a lot more complex and powerful in design. It might even be interactive, though he didn’t clarify what that would entail exactly. He later added that the UIStatusBar has been revamped with a new visual provider system.

One of the options is apparently ‘split’ which Troughton-Smith assumes is meant for the iPhone 8’s camera notch. Apple is likely going to place cellular connectivity, Wi-Fi strength, time, and battery status in two or more sections. The corners will probably sit on top of apps and websites so that it doesn’t interfere with what’s going on in the main screen.

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Troughton-Smith notably couldn’t find any evidence of an under-glass Touch ID solution, which he interprets to be an indication that Apple isn’t ready with it this year. The company is definitely getting rid of the home button though, replacing it with a virtual one called the ‘home indicator’ which can be hidden depending on the situation.

The developer has additionally discovered a dock UI which suggests that the keyboard is going to find a new home in the new Function Area. There are also references to a new tap to wake feature to jog the iPhone 8 awake with a finger. Such tools are nothing new for Windows and Android smartphones, but it’s a novelty for the iPhone lineup.

Finally, a developer over on Reddit has uncovered strings with the words ‘CanChargeInductive’ and ‘CanChargeHighVoltage,’ hinting at wireless and fast charging, respectively. Moreover, Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo has found proof that the battery icons are changing on the iPhone 8, alluding to a different charging mechanism.