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Tech That Defends: 6 High-Tech Ways To Keep Your Home Safer

Security is the primary concern for any homeowner. Your home is one of your most significant investments, not to mention the place where you and your family sleep at night. Technology has touched the world of home security as much as any other industry, making it easier than ever to bulk up your home defense. If you’re looking to protect your property, here are six high-tech ways to help keep your home safe.

Take a stand against porch piracy with a digital mailbox

mail So-called “porch piracy” refers to criminals stealing packages from people’s porches or front doors. Porch piracy has been on the rise since the COVID-19 pandemic left many people increasingly reliant on delivery services for their essential items.

If you don’t want your weekly Amazon package falling victim to sticky fingers, investing in a digital mailbox can help. A digital mailbox is a staffed location that receives mail and parcels on your behalf. When you receive mail, you’ll get an alert on your phone, and you can decide what happens to your mail from there.

Using this tech alternative can help you work in peace, knowing you won’t become the victim of any opportunists while you’re away from the house.

Upgrade your security cameras with high-powered infrared LED

Security cameras are an essential part of any comprehensive home defense system. Modern cameras take surveillance to the next level with infrared LED lights, making it easier to capture clear footage at night. These cameras can also take and send videos or snapshots directly to your phone or computer for remote monitoring when you’re out of the house.

Integrate your smartphone into your home security system

cctv cameras Make the most of home security technologies like infrared cameras by connecting them to your smartphone. For example, you can program cameras to send a photo to you if they detect movement outside. This feature is a convenient way to avoid false alarms and enhance your peace of mind.

For instance, if you’re out to dinner and get a security alert about movement at your back door, you might be worried. However, if you then get a photo of the door sent to your phone or another mobile gadget and see it’s just a raccoon, you can go back to enjoying your evening.

Get a smart doorbell for added surveillance capacity

google nest cameras and doorbell

A smart doorbell has a small camera that allows you to see who is standing at your door, ensuring you can verify their identity before you open it. That way, you can avoid accidentally opening the door to strangers. The cutting-edge technology also has two-way audio and a motion sensor.

Smart doorbells are another piece of home security technology that can be connected to your smartphone. You can use an app to see who is standing at your door and talk to them. This is especially useful for unexpected visitors or package deliveries. Think of it like a high-tech upgrade over a standard peephole.

Invest in smart locks for added reassurance

iphone smart lock A smart lock functions using a keypad and WiFi or Bluetooth connection. This digital alternative eliminates the need to haul around keys or worry about your keys falling into the wrong hands.

Smart locks can link to your phone or other devices using Bluetooth. You can check your door’s “lock” status and even lock it from a remote location such as your bedroom or your office. This gadget is especially beneficial for chronic worriers who toss and turn wondering whether they remembered to lock the door at night.

Try using facial recognition technology

If you’re ready to live like The Jetsons, this next entry is for you. You can now install facial recognition technology for your home security system. You can hook the software up to your phone with an app and store “familiar faces,” so you’ll get alerts when people you know are at the door.

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People say that you can’t buy happiness, but with these home security devices, it might just be possible to buy your peace of mind.