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7 High-Tech Gadgets For The Senior Living Alone

As people get older, they may struggle with day-to-day tasks due to mental and physical decline. For seniors living alone, this can negatively impact everyday quality of life. The great news is that there is a plethora of  useful technological tools available to help. Investing in some handy high-tech gadgets will ultimately help you enjoy your golden years to the utmost degree.

A senior-friendly cell phone

jitterbug flip2 Senior-friendly cell phones like the Jitterbug from Lively Direct are designed especially for elderly persons. Thanks to their extra-large buttons and easy-to-read text sizes, these devices stand out to buyers perusing the senior-friendly cell phone market.

By investing in accessible technologies, such as a smartphone explicitly geared towards senior citizens, elderly folks age in place can rest easy, knowing medical attention is but a few button presses away. If you’re ready for an enhanced sense of security, splurge on a cell phone that you can use in the case of a medical emergency.

Medical emergencies aside, a cell phone is also a must for senior citizens looking to expand and maintain their social network. With a smartphone tucked in your pocket, the days of back-to-back lonely afternoons will be long behind you.

Medical alert system

aloe care If you need emergency help, you can use a voice-activated medical alert system to call for assistance, even if an injury renders you immobile. These devices are handy for persons who have already experienced health scares, like a stroke, fall, or heart attack. A medical alert system is also helpful for individuals with chronic health issues, who may find themselves physically debilitated at a moment’s notice.

GPS technology

phone gps Some medical alert systems also include GPS capability, making it easy for emergency responders to locate a senior, such as yourself, who is injured and can’t move. By introducing GPS technologies into your aging-in-place oasis, your loved ones will enjoy added peace of mind.

For those seniors struggling to navigate the GPS technology sphere, opt for simple GPS trackers, like those found in an Apple watch. If you’re prone to forgetfulness, this high-tech gadget is one to remember.

Ring doorbell

doorbell camera A ring doorbell is equipped with a tiny camera and microphone, allowing you to see, hear, and talk to the person outside before letting them in. Seniors living alone may appreciate the added security this brings. It’s also a great way to track the arrival and departure of caregivers. Some ring bells can also be activated remotely using a smart speaker like Alexa.

Smart home security system

google nest cameras and doorbell A ring doorbell can be just one part of a comprehensive home security system. Seniors may also like to ramp up protection using other devices, like on-site cameras, motion detectors, and motion-activated lights. Modern home security systems can include remote 24/7 monitoring.

Should an emergency or security threat catch you by surprise, an external security hub will be alerted upon the first sight of trouble. From there, it’s only a matter of contacting emergency personnel.

Medication reminder phone app

pill reminder app In more cases than not, seniors must assume responsibility for overseeing a strict schedule of medications to manage the various health ailments that may arise with age, like high blood pressure or diabetes. In the past, people may have used pillboxes with days of the week written on them to keep track of their medications.

However, with high-tech gadgets at your ready aid, there’s no reason to stick to outdated solutions and fall behind on the future-forward innovations of today. If you’re a senior citizen striving for tech-savviness, it’s time to try a medication reminder app that will reduce your risk of missed doses. Install the app on your smartphone or watch for added convenience.

Smart speakers, like Alexa

amazon-alexa Smart speakers make it easy to complete simple tasks like checking the weather, turning the lights on, or changing the music, all without lifting a finger. For elderly persons with limited mobility, giving voice commands to take care of these tasks is a big boon. If you upgrade your smart speaker service, it’s even possible to use a tool like Alexa to call 911 in medical emergencies.

The final word

Note that many of the tools described above rely on Wi-Fi to function. Seniors who don’t have a reliable internet connection should consider upgrading their internet plan to make the most of these tools. Once you’ve invested in 4G Wi-Fi, you’ll be ready to take advantage of the cutting-edge tech you need to make everyday life easier.