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High-end Vertu Ascent Ti Mobile Phone now available in India

Vertu Ascent Ti Handset
Vertu has introduced the new Vertu Ascent Ti series of mobile phones in India. The Ascent Ti phone’s design has been inspired by high performance sports cars in terms of the material used.

Vertu is known for coming out with innovative designs and collector pieces. In fact, in August this year, we had reported about the Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 Special Edition phone.

The new Vertu Ascent Ti handset has been handcrafted in England. According to the company, it features the clean, sculpted curves of a powerful car, while the onscreen chronograph and offset illumination of the keypad echo precision dashboard instruments.

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“From the start the Vertu Ascent has been heavily influenced by the power, energy, and sheer precision of a beautiful car. With the Vertu Ascent Ti, this vision has been developed further using the high grade materials, design detail, technical superiority and unsurpassed performance associated with the luxury sports car industry. The result is a highly crafted handset of precision, balance and strength,” commented Frank Nuovo, Vertu Principal Designer.

In fact, the Vertu Ascent Ti handset is partly covered in tanned leather and also features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face and highly polished ceramic. The Vertu Ascent Ti phone’s chassis has been made from the non-corrosive titanium (Ti) element. Thus, this phone is able to withstand extreme temperatures.

Coming to the actual features of the Vertu Ascent Ti, this high-end piece is a quad-band, 3G handset which has a 3 mega pixel camera.

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The best part is that Ascent Ti users will feel totally secure as the phone features the ‘Vertu Fortress’ technology, which offers a remote synchronization of contacts and calendar, notes and backs up all stored data to a high security sever. Moreover, users will also have access to their private data via a personal account on vertu.com. Thus, if the user happens to lose their phone, all their data can quickly be re-instated to a new mobile phone.

Also with just a click of a button, users will get access to the Vertu concierge service available 24 hours a day from virtually anywhere in the world. Vertu Concierge helps customers with their queries about local restaurants, theatre booking or even to send a gift around the globe.

The Vertu Ascent Ti handset is available in three colors- black or red leather with a black ceramic pillow or brown with a silver ceramic pillow. The cost of this phone is a whopping Rs.3,26,000.

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