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Here’s what WhatsApp voice calling looks like on your iPhone

We’ve already seen what WhatsApp voice calling looks like on Android one too many times, but we’re yet to get a glimpse of the new feature on iOS, notably the iPhone. Well, a new leak has surfaced showcasing just that and the company has adopted a different UI design compared to what you’d see on Google’s mobile OS.

BGR India notes that screenshots of the feature were sent to it by a reader. Currently, WhatsApp voice calling is only supported on the beta version of the app which is, while the one on the App Store is 2.11.16. And you will not be able to install the pre-release version with ease as it requires a jailbroken device.

WhatsApp Call Feature

As you can see in the image above, the UI will be slightly modified. In the recent tab, you’ll be able to see all calls made and received, even the ones you missed. Additionally, a small phone icon will appear next to a contact’s image allowing you to commence a voice call. If the WhatsApp user has an older and unsupported version of the app installed, you’ll be notified about it as the connection will not go through.

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The dialer UI looks almost identical to the default calling screen on the iPhone, except for the ‘WhatsApp call’ header on the top. As you probably know, the feature is already enabled for Android users on an invite basis where anyone with the capability enabled can spread it around by simply calling contacts, provided they have the latest version of the app installed.

WhatsApp Screenshot

Seeing as the WhatsApp beta app for the iPhone has voice calling enabled, the stable version could be very close to launch. Let’s hope iOS users will not have to go through the pains of inviting others like on Android.