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Here’s How You Can Earn Bitcoin In 2019


It’s no secret that Bitcoin is the hottest new investment trend around. The surge cryptocurrency experienced in late 2017 proved that it’s an incredibly viable investment option.

Those who had invested in Bitcoin before this swell in its price made huge bucks last year. And while the cryptocurrency market isn’t what one would have expected it to be after the 2017 surge, it still continues to be a great investment option.

If you’re someone who wants to get into the Bitcoin game right now, we’ve prepared this detailed guide to how you can earn Bitcoin in 2019.

Bitcoin mining

No conversation about cryptocurrency ever goes through without a mention of mining. If you’re always confused by this term, let us give you an insight into it.

When you mine Bitcoin, you are effectively responsible for creating the cryptocurrency yourself. For doing this, you need a set of dedicated computers that will automatically perform a set of mathematical operations.

The further the evolution of Bitcoin goes, the more powerful the machines required to mine it need to be. You can either choose to build them yourself or buy a bespoke kit that’s meant only for mining.

Do take note of the fact that setting up a Bitcoin mining rig needs a big investment in the first place. There are overheads involved as well, like maintenance and electricity costs.

But the initial investment can get covered very soon once you get into the business of Bitcoin mining. And if you don’t want to go through all this hassle, you can opt for contract mining as well, where other players do the mining for you, in exchange for a certain fee.

Online betting

The first thing to do when you’re trying to get into Bitcoin betting is finding the right bookmaker. Sites like Canada Sports Betting help you do just that. Once you’ve made your choice, you will need to create a Bitcoin wallet by opening an account on it.

After that, all you need to do is add funds to the wallet by buying Bitcoin in exchange for real money. All major wallets support credit and debit card transactions, so this should not be a difficult task. With that out of the way, you can visit your favorite Bitcoin betting site, and place your bets, albeit wisely.

Visit micro-task websites

If there’s something other than mining that lets you earn Bitcoin swiftly it’s completing micro-tasks. Several websites out there offer to pay you in cryptocurrency in exchange of you completing small tasks.

These can be anything from watching ads to taking surveys. Now with such tiny tasks, you cannot expect the pay to be hefty, but if you keep completing micro-tasks in your free time on a regular basis, we’re pretty sure you’ll have a sizable amount of Bitcoin to show after a few months pass.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is something that bloggers and social media influencers from around the world indulge in. It basically means that if a person purchases a product on an e-commerce website using your link, you get a small commission from that sale.

This is done with the help of unique URLs and promo codes that are provided by e-commerce websites. A number of cryptocurrency platforms out there have also adopted the affiliate marketing pattern. These include Coinbase and BlockFi, which deliver attractive commissions under their affiliate marketing programs.

Work as a freelancer online

Earning that extra buck on the side is the kind of opportunity that not many like to miss. If you happen to be good at something, there’s most probably a way you can exploit that online by working as a freelancer.

Take for instance that you’re an artist; there are several websites out there that will connect you with people who are looking to get their logos or stationary designed. And among these websites are some that pay you in the form of Bitcoin.

This means there is absolutely no initial cost that you have to bear. And a big advantage of working as a freelancer is you can opt into the job only when you have time on your hands, as there are no obligations to the amount of work you have to do.

We hope the methods we’ve mentioned above will get you started with earning Bitcoin right away.