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Here’s what Google changed with the latest Chrome browser version [Update]

UPDATE: Here’s how to go back to the old one!

One of the most convenient things about Google’s Chrome browser is that it updates automatically. So whenever the company pushes out any changes to the software, you’ll be able to see it without having to download a new version of the browser.

New update messed up Chrome web apps

Among the few things that have been tweaked recently is the way users access Chrome Web Store apps. It now appears like an application launcher in the top left hand corner, in the bookmarks bar. The last mentioned sits directly below the bar in which you enter a search term or website URL.

App Launcher And Google Search Bar

Previously, each time you opened a new tab, thumbnails of the websites you frequent or the group of Chrome Web Store games and utilities you’ve downloaded would appear on the page. The button for opening these applications is now seated permanently in the bookmarks section unless you right-click on this bar and uncheck ‘Show apps shortcut.’ Try looking for your favorite Chrome games or tools after doing this. It’s not a good redesign move.

Google Search Box everywhere

If Google is the default search engine, then the search bar headed by the company’s logo will appear above a collection of the sites visited most often when a fresh tab is opened. Just click the X which appears over a website’s thumbnail if you don’t want it to show up here. This is quite different from when you launch Google.com. The regular landing page without a collection of your frequented online portals (pictured below is our Google home page customized using this extension), gets loaded when people navigate to Google.com instead of simply hitting Control + T for a new tab.

Custom Google Background

Opening recently closed tabs

Clicking Control + Shift + T is all you need to do in order to open a site you only just closed. The Chrome menu icon with three horizontal bars that perches on the upper right hand side of the page has a Recent Tabs option. It displays the websites you ‘Recently closed’ and prodding any of the names on the list will open the portal in another tab. Also, Mountain View products like YouTube, Drive, Play Store and Gmail can be found just below the said menu as yet another Apps widget.

Here’s to hoping for another update soon.