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Here’s how you can shoot 2K videos on your iPhone

Aspiring filmmakers are always on the lookout for fresher yet cheaper equipment to shoot their films with, but little might they know what they’re looking for has been there with them all along if they happen to own an iPhone. Achieving high resolution videos while hitting the sweet 24fps framerate is something that can now be done right on your Apple devices thanks to a new app called Ultrakam.

While the iPhone can usually do 1080p videos at 30fps through its default camera application, this new tool helps you go beyond that to achieve 2K resolution. Downloading Ultrakam costs $6.99, and although it supports other Apple devices, the iPhone 5S, 5C and the 5 will give you the best output.


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This app records its footage in H.264 iFrame format (2240 x 1672 pixels) as well as the M-JPEG format (1936 x 1446 pixels) at 24 frames per second. You should be warned though that the files sizes of these clips can shoot up way higher than normal, so it’d work best if you have a 64GB model on you.

Another interesting aspect about Ultrakam is that it lets you capture high-speed footage as well, apart from Timelapse videos. This app comes with its own Gallery so you can browse through its high-quality videos easily. An accompanying app named Ultrakam Remote can also be downloaded if you wish to control two iOS devices at once.

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You can buy Ultrakam now through the App Store at $6.99, whereas its Remote accompaniment will set you back by $2.99.