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Hello Kitty Cordless Telephone: Say Hello

Hello Kitty Phone Now literally say Hello to the Hello Kitty cordless phone which introduces itself to the Japanese markets. If you are still stuck on to the landline phone, then the Hello Kitty Cordless handset might be a companion to the diminishing era of landline phones.

The phone presents itself with a bold and bright hello sticker on the base and the receiver of the phone. The phone shows off it colors of black with a dash of red rims and fresh white with touches of pink lines. The Hello Kitty phone also known as UCT-005, eliminates the use of the antenna and resembles a mobile phone. The phone is a standard cordless one with backlight that suits its LCD display and buttons.

The phone comes with an additional receiver as well for two or more people to speak at the same time. The phone prices itself at the rate of ¥9,980 and the additional receiver will cost ¥6,980 and will be available to the Japanese Hello Kitty lover by 1st June.

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