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Hefty update hits Google Maps for Android and iOS, here’s what’s new

Travelling with the help of Google Maps is all set to be a way better experience than before thanks to fresh updates that are being rolled out to its Android and iOS versions. Better navigation, offline support, improvements to public transit information, Uber integration and a lot more form part of the new additions.

When you’re in navigation mode while driving towards a particular location, Google Maps will now show you which lane to stay in to ensure that you won’t wind up driving down the wrong road. Moreover, if you’re the kind who likes to have your alternate routes laid out before you, you’ll have much easier access to them in the new apps.

Google Maps

There’s also better support for offline maps, with the apps now allowing you to save entire information sheets of particular locations for use when there’s no Internet connection around. You can moreover, even add custom names to these saved offline maps. When you’re looking for restaurants, bars and hotels on Google Maps, fresh filters for opening hours, ratings, price and more will come in pretty handy.

Public transit information has received more detailing, whereas Uber integration will now allow you to compare your rides with transit and walking directions in some cities. Lastly, saved places on the web will now sync with the Android and iOS apps to provide a seamless experience.

Android and iOS Apps

The updates to the mobile utilities of Google Maps are rolling out currently via the Play store and the App Store.